Club Sparkle is coming to Minneapolis!

Get ready for the excitement as Club Sparkle will be hosting a week’s worth of MeetUps and Academies in Minneapolis, Minnesota! Club Sparkle’s Business Development Team will be in town from October 5th to October 10th and will have events every day to let you know all about Club Sparkle’s innovative health, wellness, and beauty products and the many lucrative benefits of becoming a Sparkle VIP!

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MEETUP 11AM–12PM | 7–8PM






MEETUP 10–11AM | 2–3PM



11AM-1PM | 3–5PM


We understand that we’re all on different time schedules, therefore we’ve made it convenient to secure your spot! RSVPing below doesn’t mean you have to attend all the events listed, but it does mean you get to cross off one thing from your to-do list!

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Come Meet the Sparkle Achievers in Minneapolis!

Sparkle Achievers are the rockstars of our events and will be hosting a few of the MeetUps in Minneapolis! Come hear their stories, learn about their first-hand experiences with our life-changing wellness products, and how Sparkle’s Loyalty Program can change your life in more ways than one!

Kelly Rogers

Kelly Rogers has been a wellness advocate for the past 20 years. She loves learning and sharing anything that might benefit herself and others in the most natural way. Kelly prioritizes pain-free and prescription-free and helping others achieve that same goal. She has provided nutritional guidance and helped clients over the years with easy ways to supplement and adjust their diets to get their desired results. A year ago, she was guided to a new line of multi-healing, holistic products, with years of success, providing healing from the inside out—that is Club Sparkle. Little did she know they would change her life! She looks at supplementation in a completely new way now and has received better health benefits than she had in the previous 19 years.

Terri Peterson

Terri is a registered pharmacist of 40+ years and has worked in the area of holistic health for the past twenty. She is an engaging teacher and offers a unique path to personal transformation and wellness through conscious breathwork. She also brings breathwork into businesses and schools where her highly sought-after tips and breath awareness tools offer practical solutions toward reducing personal stress and creating a happier, healthier workplace and lifestyle.

Terri says she feels at least 10 years younger since starting on the Sparkle products: “It’s as if I’ve pushed reset and am aging backwards now. It’s because I’m finally absorbing the minerals my body needs for my cells to function optimally. I’m not stiff in the morning anymore and I feel more alive. As a pharmacist, I’ve tried lots of supplements over the years, and I know the importance of taking good products…ones that are actually absorbed into your cells. The Sparkle products are highly absorbable and are the best products I’ve yet to discover. There’s nothing like them on the planet…ANYWHERE!”

Terri will be hosting a Sparkle MeetUp with Sparkle VIP Mary Curry on October 6th with the Sparkle Business Development Team making an appearance as special guest speakers!

Judy Coursolle

“I decided to sign up when [Club Sparkle] was barely opening in America and decided that, allowing is the name of the game. I had my doubts, even telling the Chairman and President that I couldn’t sell the last bottle of water on a 100-degree day in the desert. Yet, they were so kind and supportive and assured me that if I believed it, I could do it. Then came Dean and Michelle who took me by the hand and helped me every step of the way. I truly would not be where I am today without their support and kind words. Dean and Michelle came to Minnesota and spread their enthusiasm about Club Sparkle and it took off. The crew in Minnesota are some of the most motivated Achievers and VIPs in America. I feel that this is only the beginning for Club Sparkle in the USA. As for my personal experience, I enjoy the taste of the products so much that I’m hooked. I had taken an extensive blood test to gauge the results from the products and all the lands returned normal. I am close to 50. Not saying which side of 50, but the only ‘medicine’ I take are the natural elixirs of Club Sparkle!”

Judy will host a Sparkle MeetUp on October 7th with the Business Development Team as special guest speakers!

Marielle Dangelo-Niesen

Marielle recently moved from Washington to St. Paul, Minnesota to experience life to its fullest potential. It was important for her to stay focused on her goals and to surrender to the universe that always brought her manifestations into being sooner or later and in a way envisioned or in a way the universe brought in its own unique way. Marielle loves to work with people and help them create a better life for themselves. She also loves to educate, inspire and help others through her services like Holistic coaching, Psych-K, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oils therapy, and Motivational Speaking. She is shining her light to inspire others to shine their own light.

Marielle will be hosting a Sparkle MeetUp on October 5th with the Sparkle Business Development Team as special guest speakers!

Karen Daoust

“Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great! couldn’t be truer of my experience with Club Sparkle. I was introduced by the amazing USA expansion team in October 2018. The natural healing, nutrient, and mineral absorption at the cell level was felt immediately and unparalleled to anything I had tried before. Club Sparkle has been so much more and I am so grateful for the amazing network of people I have met who all have a common vision to improve health and wellness for themselves and others.”


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