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Club Sparkle is an innovative lifestyle company that offers unique health and wellness products that provide proven results, coupled with a generous profit-sharing program in which we give back 55% of the Company’s sales to our VIP Members who simply share these products with others.

Research indicates that most ailments, sicknesses and diseases can be traced to a mineral deficiency. Our mission is to help address this ongoing epidemic of mineral deficiency that is compromising the health of people worldwide.

Minerals are essential for total body wellness. In fact, over 90% of all body functions require them. Without them, not a single muscle including your heart and brain could function. However, our bodies cannot produce minerals on its own which means we must obtain these essential nutrients from the foods we eat.

Unfortunately, the Earth’s soil has steadily been stripped of its nutrients due to decades of unsustainable agriculture methods to support population growth. Lack of nutrient-rich soil means lack of nutrient-rich food.

The foundation of Sparkle’s product line is minerals. Unlike other products in the market that are singular in function, our wellness products are designed with “multi-function” properties; meaning each product provides a multitude of benefits. They are also proven to provide results people can see and feel immediately. Our products are expertly formulated in Japan and manufactured in the USA to the exacting standards of the Japanese Ministry of Health; who’s known to have the most rigorous compliance requirements in the world.

In just a few years, thousands have joined us in the movement for better health, new adventures, positive mindsets, personal confidence, fun and happier lifestyles. We’ve successfully created a culture and environment that’s inspiring and fulfilling. At Sparkle, we call this living a “Life with No Limits!”

With two decades of experience in global marketing, corporate infrastructure, public relations and a successful company owner, Ms. Dizon is passionately committed to creating a fun, friendly and spectacular environment for people to gain the courage to live the life that they deserve to live.

Ms. Dizon is the Founder of Dizon Cosmetics as well as countless other life-changing formulas that are currently in the market today. She has worked with scientists, formulators and manufacturers for over 15 years, developing superior and innovative products that have given hundreds of thousands of people across the world life-changing results.

Lani is also Founder of the Women’s Business Network (WBN), created to empower women to look good, feel good, have more confidence and unleash their true potential by naturally doing what they do best—sharing and building life-long relationships.

With this vast experience and a A-list team of professionals, Ms. Dizon is paving the way for a new kind of company that will create the next generation of exciting products, combined with a money making opportunity unlike anything before.

Sparkle was created for Generation NOW. That means YOU. So if you’re looking for youth, beauty, energy, weight management, and a financial makeover, then Sparkle is what you’ve been looking for!

About Club Sparkle

Club Sparkle is an innovative company with exceptional wellness products and an incredible life-transforming opportunity. Club Sparkle was launched in Japan by its Founder, Lani Dizon (creator of Dizon Cosmetics and the Women’s Business Network) and Co-Founder, Anthony Diaz (renowned motivational speaker also known as “The Messenger”). Both of these dynamic individuals have successfully helped thousands of people attain financial success, physical and emotional wellness for over two and a half decades.

Club Sparkle focuses on providing high quality product formulations that promote total body wellness and a unique financial opportunity. By sharing their pure and effective products, Club Sparkle offers individuals an exciting business opportunity for anyone who desires to “Look Great, Feel Great, and Be Great! Their innovative mission and culture brings fun into business, encourages ongoing personal advancement and living a fulfilling “Life with No Limits!”

Since the launch of Club Sparkle, it has not only been well-embraced by tens of thousands of men and women, but is also one of the hottest growing companies in Japan. The Club Sparkle Team is dedicated to expanding this success and unique platform for life transformation across the globe.

Our slogan “Life with No Limits!” has a deep meaning of importance. Club Sparkle encourages people to identify their perceived limitations built up over time, and to break those mental existing limitations that are holding them back from achieving their dreams.

An Angel isn’t beholden to limitations; they see from an open, limitless perspective of awareness without judgment. Angels represent purity…just like our superior products; our sincere intentions with helping people; our philosophies and our positive thoughts.

Angels help people through love and compassion, which is what we have for our VIPs and Teams. They provide protection and healing (as our products do); enlightenment (as Sparkle offers a new journey towards self-empowerment); and abundance (like our opportunity that helps people financially, emotionally, and with self-satisfaction). Angels represent light which is our intention through every aspect of the Sparkle Opportunity. These are some of the reasons the Angel is incorporated into our logo. It is a reflection on our pure intentions to shine light and hope onto others.

It is widely known that Japan is one of the toughest markets in the world. Our Founders knew that if Club Sparkle could become successful in Japan, all other markets would be automatic. The Japan Ministry of Health, for example, has the most stringent product standard requirements in the world and their consumers are just as critical about product quality and effectiveness. With our proven success in Japan, we have methodically begun our expansion to the USA and Southeast Asia, where people have quickly embraced Club Sparkle’s products and philosophy.

We strive to fulfill the needs of our VIP Members and Customers by giving them renewed hope and passion in life. Our mission is to unite people’s dreams across the globe. We are determined to achieve this by giving power back to the people. Our VIP’s success always come first. Every aspect of Club Sparkle, from our products to our loyalty program, was created to give our VIP Members maximum potential for success. Without our VIPs, we do not exist.

Club Sparkle VIP Members receive all the benefits of being independent business owners. They have the strength of a reputable international opportunity and proven products everyone loves. VIP Members work around their current lifestyle, without the need for costly business start-up fees or stockpiling large amounts of inventory.

As an independent business owner, you also may have numerous tax advantages depending on the country where you reside (please consult an Accountant or CPA). But most importantly, our VIPs are on a fulfilling journey in which they discover better health, wealth, personal development, life-long relationships and a “Life with No Limits.”

Club Sparkle is different in so many unique ways and is the perfect partner in your quest for a better lifestyle. Our Founders have over 55 years of combined hands-on experience as distributors, consultants, company founders and trendsetters. Club Sparkle’s number one goal is to make you successful, so we are behind you every step of the way with experienced training and support. Club Sparkle’s goal goes beyond great products and a great business opportunity—we are dedicated to helping people attain total life transformation, starting with simple and delicious nutrition for the entire family.

Our goal is not to compete, but to be the leader setting new standards in the industry—from innovative multi-functional products with a generous income opportunity that is proven for average people, to offering a fun, self-fulfilling platform towards total life transformation and more.

Our company was built on several decades of actual hands-on distributor experience—a Company built for distributors by distributors.

We are always creating, innovating and performing from a VIP Member’s perspective.  Therefore, we have created a truly affordable and realistic opportunity for women and men, of all ages and from all backgrounds, to participate in. The Club Sparkle opportunity provides an equal chance for everyone.

Club Sparkle is a proven and established company in Japan, but still offers a true start-up opportunity that entrepreneurs dream about as we expand across the globe.

We are a 100% debt-free Company.

Club Sparkle has the highest payout in the industry. We financially reward our VIPs every chance we can to ensure their staying power and profitability.

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