A Club Sparkle Life podcast image featuring Special Guest Dr. Chantel Tremitiere (wearing a black shirt), and hosts Nicoli Diaz (wearing a dark suit) and Kristine Reyes (wearing a white sleeveless blouse)

Episode 1: feat. Dr. Chantel Tremitiere

In this Episode:

In the first-ever Club Sparkle Life Podcast, Nicoli Diaz and Kristine Reyes speak with WNBA Legend and TikTok phenomenon Dr. Chantel Tremitiere! In this episode, Auntie Chantel talks about her life and upbringing, from growing up as one of fifteen children to leading the WNBA in minutes played, her battle with thyroid cancer, how discovering Club Sparkle changed her life and so much more! If you want to know more about Auntie Chantel, give her a follow on social media!

About the Podcast:

Join Nicoli Diaz and Kristine Reyes of Club Sparkle as they interview a diverse spectrum of industry leaders, medical professionals, sports legends, and many more fascinating individuals as they share captivating stories about their lives, business, and their journeys toward success.

The Club Sparkle Life Podcast is brought to you by Club Sparkle, an innovative lifestyle company dedicated to helping people on their journey towards better health and wellness.

Discover Club Sparkle—Where all things are possible.

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Dr. Chantel Tremitiere
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