A Club Sparkle Life podcast image featuring Gary Spivey, dressed in white with a large white afro, and hosts Nicoli Diaz (wearing a dark suit) and Kristine Reyes (wearing a white sleeveless blouse)

Episode 2: feat. Gary Spivey

In this Episode:

In the second episode of the Club Sparkle Life Podcast, Kristine and Nicoli sit down with the amazing Gary Spivey! Gary Spivey was born with psychic abilities that continue to astound and amaze people all over the world today, earning him the moniker of “The Modern Day Nostradamus.” In the podcast, Gary shares the story behind his gifts, his life growing up with these abilities, the story of his new book, and reveals incredible insights about the nature of psychic abilities—Gary even reads Kristine and Nicoli, displaying his gifts for all listening. You can learn more about Gary Spivey on his website.

About the Podcast:

Join Nicoli Diaz and Kristine Reyes of Club Sparkle as they interview a diverse spectrum of industry leaders, medical professionals, sports legends, and many more fascinating individuals as they share captivating stories about their lives, business, and their journeys toward success.

The Club Sparkle Life Podcast is brought to you by Club Sparkle, an innovative lifestyle company dedicated to helping people on their journey towards better health and wellness.

Discover Club Sparkle—Where all things are possible.

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