Welcome to the Club Sparkle Family! We’re excited about the limitless possibilities that await you – from better health, income, lifestyle, friendships, adventures, and more. We, along with your referrer, are here to help support you through your journey toward total life transformation.

To simplify your onboarding process and help you get closer to positive results faster, we have provided this easy-to-follow 30-Day Challenge. It is segmented by weekly activities that will keep you on the right track towards achieving your goals!

In Week One, you will:

Discover our innovative line of health & wellness products

Learn about your Virtual eOffice

Set Your Goals, Intentions & Expectations

Watch the Sparkle Academy Video

Read the Sparkle Academy Booklet

To earn rewards for this Week, you must:

Register for Autoship

Attend a Sparkle Event and Share Your Thoughts

Follow Us on Social Media

Welcome Kit

Includes your Welcome Letter, Products, and a Life with No Limits!

Your Guide to Success

Congratulations on discovering Club Sparkle — where health, wealth, and personal achievement are within reach! You can now experience the physical benefits that come with ION5, EverYoung, Nectura, and Perflection, but you can now embark on a journey toward economic freedom.

Over the last several years, Club Sparkle has helped to significantly improve tens of thousands of people’s lives across the world who are now living the Sparkle Life — a Life with No Limits! Our highly effective multi-functional products provide amazing results, coupled with a proven entrepreneurial platform that allows you to earn generous bonuses by simply sharing our products with others — all powered by our innovative Direct Connect Marketing business model.

During your Sparkle Journey, you will discover a brighter improvement in the way you feel. This feeling of joy and inspiration is contagious, which will make it natural for you to share the Sparkle Life with others!

Club Sparkle is the FEEL GREAT COMPANY with the mission to help people LOOK GREAT, FEEL GREAT, and BE GREAT! Now it’s your turn!

Get started by completing this challenge!

Your Virtual Welcome Kit will help you access your own Virtual eOffice, notify you of important reminders, point you to Member Resources, and establish a quick action plan and checklist to get started. To access it, simply refer to the email that you received upon signing up.

Boost Your Immunity

Learn about the products that are changing lives around the world.

Superior Health & Wellness Products

Club Sparkle is on a crusade to help address the ongoing epidemic of mineral depletion, which is compromising the health of people worldwide.

Minerals are essential for total body wellness. Over 90% of all body functions require minerals. Without them, not a single muscle including your heart and brain could function. Research indicates that almost every ailment, sickness, and disease can be traced to a mineral deficiency. If the body lacks vitamins, the body can still utilize minerals. But, if the body lacks minerals, vitamins are not properly utilized.

Unfortunately, for decades there has been an ongoing epidemic of mineral depletion in the soils, fruits, and vegetables. This is compromising good health because the body cannot create its own minerals, we must obtain them through food or supplementation. Therefore, the biggest challenge with minerals is finding the proper balance in a form that can be readily absorbed by the body.

The foundation of Club Sparkle’s product line begins with ION5—our exclusive blend of 72 IONIC Energetic Trace Minerals.

Seeing the Difference

A major concern many people have about mineral supplementation is efficacy. In other words, they want to know if a product will work for them.

This video demonstrates the mineral power of ION5 when tested against other mineral supplements.

To test this, we used a simple light kit test with an open circuit to see how different mineral supplements react when the circuit is closed.

Once an open electrical circuit is closed, the light bulb will illuminate brightly if whatever is closing the circuit is a good mineral conductor. If you were to close the circuit with a solid mineral, such as Nicoli demonstrates with a copper penny in the video, we see that the light bulb shines its brightest—but what happens when we try this with minerals that are supposed to be good for us?

First, Nicoli dissolves a chelated mineral supplement in pill form into the water and the light kit quickly showed that the mineral didn’t even illuminate. Then Nicoli tested a liquid Colloidal mineral in water and found that while the mineral did illuminate, it was only a minute different from the other and mediocre at best. When Nicoli tested a couple of drops of ION5, the bulb immediately illuminated brighter than any other mineral supplement or mineral-rich food tested during the presentation.

Angel Silk

Angel Silk Skin Perfector is created with 100% natural and healthy micro-minerals from the earth that are great for your skin! Our Skin Perfector has the remarkable ability to create a flawless, lifted complexion in just 60 seconds! Skin Perfector gives you a natural lift, doesn’t clog pores, reduces blemishes, provides UV protection, prevents premature aging, and works beautifully for any skin type!

After applying your Skin Perfector, simply proceed to blend in Finishing Glow, which sets the minerals for a longer-lasting, beautiful translucent glow. It also helps improve your skin’s texture, clarity, and brightness for a picture-perfect look.

The soft and silky Beauty Control Brush has its own built-in compartment to conveniently carry your Angel Silk Minerals with you at any time, anywhere. It also has a unique dial with three settings that allows you to control the precise amount of coverage that works best for you.

With the convenience of Autoship, you will automatically be billed monthly for your choice of Club Sparkle products to ensure you never mistakenly run out or become Inactive.

Schedule an Autoship Order

To retain Active status as a Sparkle VIP, you must maintain a monthly minimum product order of 7,000pts. The easiest way to ensure that you stay Active and don’t run out of any products is to automate this process by signing up for Autoship.

In this video, we’ll show you how to make sure you’re on Autoship, and how to sign up for one if you aren’t. Nicoli also reviews the benefits of a 7,000pts versus a 14,000pts Autoship order, which will help you decide how many products you want each month, and why one is the better option for maximum bonus earning potential through our Loyalty Program.

Confirm Your Autoship

Earn rewards for this week’s module at the link below.

Sparkle Pay Periods

If you are not enrolled in Autoship, you will need to manually place a product order every month. The day of the month you joined Club Sparkle will determine when your monthly order due date will be. For example, if you joined on the 8th of June, you should place your order on the 8th of every month thereafter (or prior to the end of that weekly pay period which in this scenario would be June 14th) to avoid Inactive status.

Inactive Status

A VIP account becomes inactive when a qualifying monthly order is not placed before its scheduled Autoship date. Inactive accounts cannot earn bonuses or points, but you do have a sixteen-week grace period before your account is terminated.

This grace period does not reset until you have completed one full year with active status from the most recent date of inactivity. For more information, please refer to our Member Policies & Procedures.

Policies & Procedures

Review our Policies & Procedures for your reference.

Familiarize yourself with your Sparkle eOffice which tracks all your product orders, team activity, share point earnings, cash outs, and an array of resources.

Visit your eOffice

Your eOffice is vitally important to your business as it enables you to view your Team chart and commissions, cash out with your eWallet, use your Points to purchase products, access VIP downloads, review your order history, and access your unique Sparkle QR URL and QR code.

This video is an in-depth walkthrough of the entire eOffice, explaining all of its functions, and ensuring that you have all of the pertinent knowledge that you need to master the eOffice.

Everything you need, all in one place

The best way to leave a lasting impression is with professional marketing materials.

With Exclusive Content, you’ll never have to worry about developing your own resources, as CLUB SPARKLE provides high quality, professionally designed marketing materials, ranging from flyers and booklets to videos, and more.

Make sure to spend time getting to know what resources are available to you.

Attend a Sparkle Event, let us hear your thoughts, and earn exclusive rewards.

Virtual Sparkle Events

Sparkle MeetUps are a fantastic way to invite new people to the Club, meet new friends, connect with your Team, and build your business.

There are even Virtual Events every month to help VIPs engage with the Sparkle Community.

It is an important factor in any new endeavor to surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who encourage your hopes and dreams and are there to help you along the way. Similar to staying on track to meet any goal in your life, such as improving physical health, learning skills for your work, or taking part in a hobby, we always do better when we perform these activities with a community.

Read on to learn how you can get involved and sign up for the next Sparkle MeetUp!

Earn Your Rewards for this Module in Three Steps

1. Attend a Sparkle Event

2. Take Our Event Survey

3. Follow Us on Social Media

Social Media makes connecting with people of similar interests, passions, and goals easier than ever before.

It’s no secret that many businesses are being moved into the virtual space. As we showed you during your seven skills training, social media can be an effective way to spread the message to your friends, family, and anyone else who might be interested in your business.

So give it a shot! Make accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and have fun sharing your business, all from the comfort of your own home.

So create your accounts and let people know that you are in business!

Follow us on the social media channels linked above and you will earn a special reward!

Our Founders

Decades of experience by two of this industry's leading professionals.

Founder and President Lani Dizon

Ms. Lani Dizon has been a successful distributor, leader, and trainer in the Direct Sales Industry for over a decade. She was initially introduced to the industry by Mr. Anthony Diaz. Although she had no previous sales experience, she was intrigued by the method that was presented to her. She immediately got involved and has never looked back. Her natural drive and determination helped her quickly become one of the top female performers.

Ms. Dizon has inspired thousands of women across the globe which led her to create the Women’s Business Network (WBN). This unique organization empowers women to discover their full potential through a self-fulfilling opportunity for better health, wealth, and personal development. The foundation to continue this phenomenal group will be formed through Sparkle to unify women from all backgrounds who support each other toward success.

Ms. Dizon has appeared on the cover of MyVegas magazine twice, once as one of MyVegas’s Top 100 Women of the Year, and once again as one of MyVegas’s Top 100 Women of Influence.

In this follow-up interview, Ms. Dizon stated:

“Conditioning the mind is like exercise for the brain. Your mind manifests what you feed it. Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes, whereas negative thoughts lead to negative energy and often negative outcomes. Our thoughts set the frequency in our lives—low or high—which has a direct correlation to our results. This is why I strongly believe that with a healthy mindset you can accomplish anything. This is why Club Sparkle’s slogan is, “Life with No Limits!”

Co-Founder and Chairman Anthony Diaz

Mr. Anthony Diaz is known as one of the strongest demonstrators of leadership. With over two decades of experience in the Direct Sales Industry, Anthony Diaz has pro-actively helped tens of thousands of individuals across the world with his proven teachings and guidance as a successful distributor, marketer, business consultant, motivational speaker, and professional trainer, and company owner.

Through his remarkable vision and insight, he is renowned as “The Messenger” and “The Innovator,” a marketing maverick who has developed countless innovations and trends that have created paradigm shifts in the industry. These include innovations in personal import, binary and hybrid compensation plans, matching bonuses, proven training systems, advanced marketing techniques, interactive CD ROMs, product packaging, and presentation that are widely used today.

Intentions & Expectations

Our exclusive and proven Sparkle Academy was created to help you identify your goals and establish “WHY” you want positive change in your life.

Set Your Goals Now

The first step in achieving success is defining what success means to you. The definition of success is different for everyone. What defines success for one person, may not be success for another. That is why it is critical that you clearly define what you want in life and write it down. This will allow you to create a working blueprint to achieve these dreams and goals through a step-by-step process. Share your dreams and goals with your referrer. They have as much vested interest in your dreams and goals as you do. Remember, in order for them to succeed, they must help you succeed. That is the brilliance of CLUB SPARKLE’s “People Franchise” model. It is truly a People Helping People Program that benefits everyone involved. You can help people by sharing your story, but first, you need to build it out to be as effective as possible.

Our exclusive and proven Sparkle Academy provides you with the essential skills to maximize your results during your first 90 days and beyond. The following video will help walk you through our products, experience, and lifestyle all in one comprehensive package.

Your Guide to Success

Club Sparkle is sweeping the globe and changing lives with our all-natural health, wellness, and beauty products. Now that you are a Sparkle VIP, it is time to take the next steps and learn more about our products, Lifestyle, and our Business Opportunity—Direct Connect Marketing! In this video, Nicoli, Dean, and Michelle from the Business Development Team will take you in-depth into all things Club Sparkle!

The Sparkle Academy is the result of decades of professional experience from our Founders designed to help you on your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Download the booklet and watch the video to get started!

Stories have a unique ability to build connections and boost our trust, compassion, empathy, and even our behaviors. A compelling story is the best tool you’ll have to establish rapport with your prospects. In this module, we will teach you how to develop your story!

In Week Two, you will:

See Your Product Results

See how you can earn free products

Learn a simple three-step method for success

Discover the Loyalty Program

Your Product Results

How are the Sparkle products making you feel? What results have you experienced?

Your story is an important part of your Sparkle Journey and having a story that is authentic and truly yours is often the difference-maker when sharing CLUB SPARKLE with others. If you share CLUB SPARKLE with enthusiasm and excitement, others will become excited. That excitement is contagious and others will naturally want to know more.

This will help you build a bond with the products, and more importantly, building a Sparkle Story will help you to bond with your prospects. Your story is impactful, motivating, awe-inspiring, and most importantly—it’s a true story. Yours is the kind of story that people can connect with and see the possibilities of Sparkle can help them too.

So, what can or have you achieved with Sparkle products? Ask yourself the following questions to help you see your product results.

  1. Do you feel great?
  2. Do you have more energy?
  3. Have you lost weight?
  4. How long has it been since you’ve gotten sick while using the products?

Your belief in the product(s) will give you the natural enthusiasm to share it with others!

If you want to see how the Sparkle products have helped others, check out the videos in this module!

Your Free Products

Enjoy all of your Sparkle Products completely free every month!

Our Loyalty Program is unique as it is the only program that allows you to exchange Points for Cash! You can use the points you earn for extra income or you can exchange them for your favorite CLUB SPARKLE products every month.

Try It, Share It, Profit!

Discover three simple steps to earning massive rewards!

Try It

As a Club Sparkle VIP, you now have the unique opportunity to create positive life changes for yourself and those all around you. Before you can do this, you’ll need to try your products and feel the benefits of Sparkle’s innovative formulas for yourself to see what adding a little Sparkle to your life can do for you.

This process starts with you trying the products and building a personal connection with them. Once you have built this connection with the products, begin to build your story. Ask yourself: How do ION5, EverYoung, Nectura, and Perflection make you feel? What changes have you noticed? Do you feel more energetic? Have you noticed any health issues begin to lessen or dissipate?

People will get excited about Club Sparkle because you are excited about Club Sparkle. Everyone will want to know your health secret!

Share It

Once you have tried the products, you will begin to notice the positive health benefits of living the Sparkle Life—everyone will want to know your secret, and that’s good—and you can not only share Sparkle with others, but you can earn commissions and points just by sharing it!

Once you have built your story, share your story every day! Tell others how these products have helped you, and how the products can help them as well. Be sincere and genuine in helping others discover wellness before wealth. Make sure to also ask for referrals. Remember, while someone might not be interested right now, they will almost certainly know someone who is interested.

There are many ways to share Sparkle but don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this phase. There are numerous resources created by Club Sparkle that will help you on your way to a Life with No Limits! Spend time with your new resources, as you will have unlimited 24/7 access to all digital assets as a Sparkle VIP. These resources include marketing flyers, brochures, booklets, videos, and more!


When you share the products and refer new people to Club Sparkle, you will have the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards in the form of Share Points. Share Points are credited to your eOffice and can be exchanged for cash!

You can learn more about the bonuses of the Loyalty Program and how to earn rewards by watching the Loyalty Program video, reading the Loyalty Program booklet, and completing modules in this challenge!

Loyalty Program

Become an Entrepreneur with our revolutionary business model.

Achieve with Sparkle

Our unique business model uses an innovative platform called DIRECT CONNECT MARKETING (DCM) and is powered by a lucrative Profit-Sharing Program that generously sets aside 55% of all Global Sales into a Profit-Sharing Pool in which all of our Members can participate.

Thousands have made fortunes and continuously enjoy a fun, healthy, happy, and adventurous lifestyle. Now, it is your turn!

This is a brand-new kind of opportunity…one built by distributors, for distributors. Direct Connect Marketing (DCM) achieves this through unparalleled compensation plans and unmatched bonuses anywhere else.

This is DCM—the opportunity of the future.

Share CLUB SPARKLE and profit!

CLUB SPARKLE Members receive a unique Sparkle ID#, QR Code, and URL which allows them to earn Loyalty Points (LP) and Share Points (SP) that can be applied toward product purchases. Our Members can redeem their points for cash through our unique Point to Cash (PTC) system! Simply start sharing CLUB SPARKLE and qualify to earn points, generous rewards, and even participate in exciting campaigns, fabulous adventures, and getaways!

There are six unique bonuses in CLUB SPARKLE’s Loyalty Program!

New Spark Bonus (NSB)

Paid on first-time orders

Share CLUB SPARKLE’s life-changing products with friends and family, or anyone who may want to benefit from youth, beauty, nutrition, energy, weight management, and total body wellness.

The New Spark Bonus is a 20% bonus paid on all first-time product orders.

Share the Sales (STS) Pool


Fifty-five percent (55%) of all Company Sales Revenue for the weekly pay period (after NSB and RSB Points are paid) is set aside in the STS Pool for all qualified VIPs to share. All Shares earned during the weekly pay period will be divided by the total number of Shares earned by all qualified VIPs in the Company, to give the value of one Share.

Repeat Spark Bonus (RSB)

Paid on Repeat Orders

Earn a Repeat Spark Bonus (RSB) on each product reorder placed by VIPs and Affiliates (up to 8 referral levels in your Team, whether they were referred by you or not.

Share Match Bonus (SMB)

Earn a Match Bonus on other Member’s Share Earnings

Each generous SHARE MATCH bonuses on your personally-referred Members (and others in your Team). When they earn Shares, you can MATCH their Share earnings up to 7 dynamically compressed levels!

Title Bonuses (TB)

Enjoy Generous One-Time Title Bonuses

Earn Title Bonus for Top 4 Title Achievements. Total earnings that can be achieved (based on reaching all Titles) is 25,000,000 points (equivalent to approximately $250,000 USD).

Re-Entry Bonus

Duplicate Your Rewards By Earning Another VIP Account Anywhere On Your Teams!

The Re-Entry is a separate VIP account controlled by you and comes with all of the bonuses of your original account. With this bonus, a qualified VIP can choose to place another VIP account (controlled by them) anywhere on their Team A or Team B to maximize earnings, allowing you to earn Bonuses (including Share Match Bonuses) on yourself!

What you feel about CLUB SPARKLE being the next revolution, what you receive from the product and what income results you get as you grow is your story. Your belief and enthusiasm will make it natural for you to share it.

In this module, we will teach you how to share your story!

In Week Three, you will:

Develop Your Sparkle Testimonial

Share Your Sparkle Story

Create Your Action Plan

Watch the Seven Skills of the Sparkle Achiever Webinar Series

Learn about VIP Resources and Business Cards

Discover the best marketing tools in the industry

To earn rewards for this Week, you must:

Submit your Written Testimonial

Submit your Video Testimonial

Share your story and earn exlcusive rewards!

Share Your Story

Stories have a unique ability to build connections, and boost compassion, empathy, and even trust. When used properly, your story can be used to gain people’s attention, position yourself as a value creator, and ultimately a problem solver, It is for these reasons, a compelling testimonial is the best tool you’ll have to establish rapport with your prospects.

Remember that people will respond to your energy much more than they will your words, s share your story with enthusiasm and sincerity, and others will become more interested in what it is you have to say.

Your testimonial is an important part of your Sparkle Journey and having a story that’s authentic and truly yours is often the difference-maker in inspiring someone to start their journey.

So, what’s your Sparkle Story? Take a chance to inspire others, and tell us all about it by submitting your Testimonial in this module!

Write Your Story

One of the questions we receive over and over again is one that can be simply answered: How did Japanese Sparkle Leaders achieve success?

Meet Risa Mihara—a Sparkle Leader in Japan. In this testimonial video, Risa talks about her upbringing, how she found Sparkle, and most importantly, the skills she used to succeed in this industry.

Club Sparkle has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to Sparkle Japan, similar to our USA channel, called SparkleTV!

So… Ready to submit your testimonial? Click the link below and let us know what Sparkle has meant to you so far!

If you are submitting a video testimonial as well, please upload the video to YouTube and provide the link when prompted at the link below. Though the video can be uploaded as an unlisted video, please make sure that this is a link we can access.

You get paid for TALKING TO PEOPLE—sharing the opportunity with as many people as possible. DO NOT TRY TO CONVINCE PEOPLE! The message will be heard by those who are ready to listen. As a CLUB SPARKLE Member, your ROLE is to share the CLUB SPARKLE Opportunity with dissatisfied individuals— dissatisfied about their health and financial situation, wanting a career change, desiring a challenge, etc. You have a wonderful solution. It’s that simple!

Share Your Story

The lifeblood of you business is NEW PEOPLE! You must constantly share the CLUB SPARKLE opportunity to new people EVERYDAY!

The Approach

We are not in the selling business, we are in the SHARING business. When you share your story with enthusiasm, the selling becomes automatic because people will want to try the products. Your personal testimony is your most powerful weapon. Other people’s testimonies validate that your prospects can experience results too.

One of the biggest obstacles that beginners need to overcome is acting desperate. You need to treat this as a real business. Never force or convince people to get involved. People will join when they are ready. You have the power to choose the partners you wish to work with. You are in control.

Remember, if you convince people to join, you will eventually have to convince them to stay. Your goal is to present the business so they want to join, then they’ll want to stay. 

What to Say

Psychology Behind the Sale

In this day and age, life is already complicated as it is. People don’t need more complications in owning and operating a traditional business. Below are 4 common factors people think about when they consider a home-based business:

  1. SIMPLE: Is this simple enough for the average person with no experience?
  2. FUN: Can I have fun or will this be difficult or boring?
  3. MONEY: How much money will it cost? How much money can I earn?
  4. HELP: Will get support to become successful?

72-14-90 Rule

Applying this rule to new VIPs enables you to track their results and maximize your time investment and theirs. You have…

To get your new Member into ACTIVITY mode. (Try the Products, Attend a Forum, Review the Website, Marketing Materials, etc.)

To help them see RESULTS from those activities. (Product Results, Referring, etc.)

To make them a BELIEVER in the products and the opportunity. (Product Results, Earning Commissions).

Action Plan

These 12 ACTIONS will help your start achieving results and become the next Sparkle success story.

If you are excited, people get excited. They need to see and feel a high level of energy so they know you are serious. Enthusiasm and high energy are contagious!

It is natural for people to want to go out and party or have fun, but they don’t make money in the process. If you make CLUB SPARKLE a priority it can change your life! With CLUB SPARKLE, you can still have fun, get together with like-minded people and move your life in the right direction and get financially rewarded in the process!

Do something SPARKLE every day, such as talking in person or speaking virtually about the products, talking to your referrer, attending or inviting people to the SPARKLE Lounge, in-person or virtual events, or watching the Discover Sparkle Video. How have we helped others make $1,000 per week, $5,000 per month, even $25,000 per month? They learned to go to events, talk to people, be excited, and do so many different things to build their business.

It is so important that you learn the right habits now so your group will follow the same path. That is why associating yourself with successful people who have done it before ensures that you have the best environment for success. This is where you Get Connected! Connect to the person who referred you, connect to your group, connect to your Support Circle! Be there for your team—the more they grow, the more you grow!

Complete the “PLAN YOUR DREAM LIFE” worksheet. Do you want a new car, home, savings, lifestyle or to travel? Do you want to earn $5,000 a month or just an extra $1,000 to pay some bills? You can achieve that, but you must have goals and a dream that keeps you excited and committed. Team up with people that want to move in the right direction. Team up with your Support Circle to get you on the right track and achieve the results you deserve!

This is one of the most important steps to get started. “Who do you know who…” wants to make more money, lose weight, have more energy, enjoy a better lifestyle, or doesn’t like their job and wants a better career? Make a list as large as you can. How many people do you know who drink Starbucks, energy drinks, or get tired during the day? Who do you know who wants to lose weight, stay youthful, go on vacations, and have more fun this their life? Who wouldn’t want any of these things? If they don’t, chances are they know someone else who would so ask! On your list, you never know who’s going to become just as excited as you are. There are people waiting for a chance but don’t have the means or know-how. That is where you and CLUB SPARKLE come in.

Don’t get into all the details about the product ingredients or the pay plan, especially over the phone! If you get complicated, they may start asking more questions and you might not be comfortable responding. That’s why it’s so important that you introduce the opportunity in the correct way while keeping it simple and exciting. Enthusiastically asking them to meet, and inviting them the right way increases the chances they’ll show up.

Introduce them to other people in CLUB SPARKLE. It is important to work as a team, so work hand in hand in with the person who introduced you, or find a partner, someone in your team to get together with someone who also has a story. Remember, the goal is to help you and others become the next success story.

Now that you have made your list, they have to hear your story.

If you don’t have a story yet, use the story of the person who introduced you or the success of others. What you feel about CLUB SPARKLE being the next revolution, the results you receive from the products and the income results you get as you grow is your story. Your belief and enthusiasm will make it natural for you to share it.

Remember, everyone wants to Look Great, Feel Great and Be Great! With CLUB SPARKLE’S multi-functional products that focus on youth, beauty, energy and health with immediate impact, along with the revolutionary Direct Connect Marketing (DCM) concept, creating your story will be simple.

Each of the CLUB SPARKLE products have a story in itself that can be shared! For instance, EverYoung. Everyone knows how large Starbucks, Redbull, and the energy drink industry is as a whole, but they are also very unhealthy. Now imagine, EverYoung—the healthy energy alternative! That’s powerful, and that’s just one secret weapon you have on your side.

Create your story by listing all the things you love best about CLUB SPARKLE.

You are building for your future, and having a new passion in life. You are also on target to achieve your dreams and goals. You will have a lot of fun and adventure in CLUB SPARKLE, but this is only possible if you maintain the right mindset! In life, there are always ups and downs, so it’s important to always stay positive and committed, no matter what!


People want to know: Is it simple? Can they make money? Will they have support? And, is it the perfect time for them to get started? But, the most important part: Is it fun? Enhancing your lifestyle, health, income, friendships, traveling, and living a whole new world of adventure is within reach. Although it will require hard work, you will love what you do, get rewarded for it, and have fun at the same time!

Remember, if you don’t grow, we don’t grow. And if your people don’t grow, you don’t grow. So, build your team by helping them make their list, develop their stories and stay connected to the Support Circle. Imagine having people in your Team A and B making $1,000 per month or even per week, imagine what that reward will give you!

There are many creative ways you can get the word out—friends are just one method. There are beauty salons, spas, gyms, clubs, social networking, online marketing and having fun Sparkle get-togethers! Get creative. Think big. Although CLUB SPARKLE is ideal for the young, energetic generation, we represent GENERATION NOW! That means anyone in any generation is willing to take action in their lives NOW.

You can become the next Sparkle success story with hard work, dedication, and passion. When this happens, it’s going to Feel Great!
That’s why we are the Feel Great Company!
Now it is your time to shine!

Seven Skills of a Sparkle Achiever

Learn the most important business-building skills from the Business Development Team.

Learn the Seven Skills of a Sparkle Achiever

All of our current USA Sparkle Achievers all have one thing in common: they all attended Sparkle Academies. Your first 90 days are important, but it is crucial that you learn these fundamental skills to succeed in this business. So, based on years of experience and painstaking, meticulous research, we created our list of the seven most important skills anyone would need to succeed in this industry. Originally broadcast as part of our Sparkle Academy training webinars, we are proud to present these 7 specialized training sessions to you, now collected for easy viewing all in one place.

In this first video, the Club Sparkle USA Business Development Team discusses all of the different skills you need in order to find prospects.

In this training, you will learn how to find people to share Sparkle with, but more importantly, you will discover how to find the right people to share Sparkle with. With the right people on both your Team A & Team B, you can create lasting relationships and have successful business partners for a lifetime.

The Business Development Team will cover the four biggest steps to successfully finding prospects, which include building a comprehensive list, listing everyone your contacts are connected with, constantly expanding your list, and how to network with purpose.

Skill #2 – Inviting

Once you have created your list, how do you go about inviting your prospects to hear more about Sparkle products and the Sparkle business opportunity?

It is important to share Sparkle with the right people, and the Business Development Team will cover how to do this with important techniques that include finding people who already want a change in their lives.

Remember, if you have to convince someone to join, eventually you will have to convince them to stay. So be the farmer instead of the hunter, take your prospect from exposure to exposure, and make sure to make use of all of the skills, tools, and resources you have at your disposal, including this training.

Skill #3 – Presenting

In this training, you will be learning all about the foundation of Club Sparkle; our health, wellness, and beauty products. We all love ION5, EverYoung, Nectura, and Perflection, but how do real Achievers spark a conversation and present Club Sparkle to prospects in a meaningful and successful way?

In our products-focused training session, we aim to answer this question, as well as teach you how to develop your own personal testimonial by using the products. Last, but certainly not least, we will teach you all about the products themselves, their ingredients and functions, and the ways that you can present these products with their health-enhancing ingredients to interested people.

Skill #4 – Follow Up

Here you will learn the best ways to conquer personal fears about presenting, answer your prospect’s questions, overcome objections, set up follow-up calls, and how to improve your teams.

Remember, the fortune is in the follow-up. All business is a conversation. Just remember that no matter what, your goal is to keep the conversation going, you don’t want to have to convince someone to join, because eventually, you’ll have to convince them to stay.

Allow your prospects to come to their own conclusion, but ensure that you know how to guide them, which is what this training aims to do.

Skill #5 – Closing

Now that you’ve learned how to find your prospects and how to present the products and business opportunity to them, it is time to learn how to effectively close the deal with your prospects.

As you will learn in this training, it is important to not see closing as the end of a transaction, but rather as the beginning of a new relationship.

It is your goal that your prospects become your business partners. Here you will learn the core skills of top closers, how to connect with your prospects on a personal level, and the fundamentals for closing every sale.

Skill #6 – Onboarding

Onboarding is the key to duplication. You can’t duplicate properly unless you onboard. When building your team, there is nothing more important than being able to effectively onboard your new VIPs.

The ultimate goal is that in teaching your new VIPs, they will become independent and be able to replicate the process themselves. This is how your teams will grow and expand.

As part of this process, we will teach you the skills you need most to develop your onboarding strategy, such as implementing the 72-14-90 Rule, setting up a Game Plan interview, and how to best Tell, Show, Try, and Do.

Skill #7 – Promoting Events

One of the best ways to get people involved with the Sparkle Lifestyle is to show people what we are all about. And one of the best ways for them to see this is to invite them to events hosted by Club Sparkle, such as the Virtual Sparkle MeetUps held monthly.

Staying actively engaged with the Club Sparkle community is extremely important, as it can help to keep you motivated, inspired, and educated, even under less-than-ideal circumstances.

It is also important for getting prospects and new VIPs excited about the Club Sparkle business opportunity. Here you will learn all of the skills you need to make this a reality and get your VIPs and prospects to come along to events, and how to host your own.

Business Cards

Sparkle Business Cards are a great way to start the follow-up process.

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most effective tools for you to share your opportunity with others. In the next module, we will cover how to obtain your business cards, and how to leverage them to grow your team.

There are a couple of different ways to go about purchasing your very own Sparkle business cards. If you purchased VIP Pack B, the Business Builder Kit will have come complimentary with your VIP Pack.

If you didn’t purchase VIP Pack B, you can still get business cards in a couple of different ways. You access our Vista Print shop through your eOffice, or you can purchase the Business Builder Kit and get 100 personalized cards with the Kit.

Business Builder Kit

While you will always have the option to download and print your own marketing materials for your CLUB SPARKLE business, we have also created a super convenient package for you that makes sharing your business easier than ever!

The Business Builder Kit was designed to make marketing your business easier and contains everything you’ll need to begin sharing Sparkle with others.

While these materials are also available to download in your eOffice, for your convenience we’ve created this handy kit to help you get started.

The Business Builder Kit comes with VIP Pack B at no additional cost. Those who purchased VIP Pack A will still be able to purchase the Business Builder Kit right here on www.CLUBSPARKLEUSA.com.

What is a QR Code?

QR Codes are a great way to share a lot of information in a condensed space that people can scan with the camera app on their smartphone. With QR codes, you can view and share videos, and flyers, and access entire websites just by scanning them with your smartphone.

This is also a convenient way for you to seamlessly share Club Sparkle with others.

Sparkle QR Codes feature the distinctive Club Sparkle logo in the center and are frequently found in our flyers, monthly newsletter, and on Sparkle VIP business cards. QR codes added to your business card can be a great way to introduce others to the Sparkle Lifestyle with videos on our YouTube channel that they can watch on their phones, there, or at a later time.

Now that you have your own CLUB SPARKLE business, it’s time to GROW by letting the world know you’re in business. You can’t run a business if prospects don’t know you exist. Therefore, exposing your business to both potential Customers and VIPs is your main objective. Having a strong balance of both is a winning strategy for short-term and long-term growth. Applying those principles is a simple step-by-step process that you can follow daily. As you teach your new VIPs this process, you will be duplicating your efforts. There will be no guesswork, no doubts, no wondering what to do next—as long as you duplicate this system you will achieve results.

In Week Four, you will:

Learn to Lead by Example

Complete your Personal Commitment Contract

Experience Sparkle Adventures

Discover Your Future with Sparkle

To earn rewards for this Week, you must:

Complete the final quiz with at least 80% or higher

Lead by Example

Learn the Formula to Success so that you can teach others to do the same!

Formula to Success



Plus sign

Engage with people

Plus sign

Gain Momentum

Plus sign

Accumulate Volume

Plus sign

Generate Commissions

Marketing 101

Every day, we are constantly exposed to marketing campaigns that influence our buying decisions. These effective campaigns consist of 3 phases—Pre-Event, Event, and Post-Event. These will be the marketing fundamentals to your success with CLUB SPARKLE.


This is the pre-selling phase—the most important, but often most overlooked step in the marketing process. Promoting (pre-selling) an upcoming event to as many prospects as possible prior to the event, ensures you will achieve the best results for your time invested. Although it’s important that you attend the event, it’s more important how many people attend with you.


The Event can be a Conference Call, MeetUp, Sparkle Academy, introducing your new Member to others, etc. As long as you effectively do your part to “Pre-Event,” the Event always takes care of itself. The Event validates the opportunity and gets your prospects involved.


After the Event, always follow up with your prospects to review and ask if they have questions. This is the time to put the information into action and advance your business, as well as theirs. After the Post-Event, start Pre-Eventing the next Event. These 3 steps in marketing should be a continuous cycle in building your CLUB SPARKLE business.

Personal Growth

Aside from better health and an additional income, CLUB SPARKLE’S unique global opportunity brings a tremendous reward—personal growth! In fact, just by becoming a Sparkle Member you have already stepped out of your comfort zone and not only accepted the challenge to run your own business, but to take control of your own life’s destiny!

Many successful people say that their greatest reward extends “beyond money.” They have improved their self-esteem, self-confidence, and broadened their relationships. Think of your CLUB SPARKLE business as an ongoing self-improvement course. By teaching other people and being involved in their personal growth, you develop yourself at the same time.

The Four "Selfs"

Personal improvement is vital to the success of your business and happiness. It begins with:

Why can one Sparkle Member make only $500 per month while another makes $5,000 per month? Understand that the products, the System, the Loyalty Program, and the environment are the same for all Members – the only variable is YOU! You must take RESPONSIBILITY for where you are in your business and where you are not.

As a Sparkle Member, you have the benefits of being self-employed. You are your own boss. You cannot rely on other people to motivate and direct you. The power of self-motivation needs to come from within. This is where your WHY plays a major role to keep you focused and on track.

Only you can provide the proper determination to LEARN the right skills, APPLY what you have learned, and to USE the system daily. Diligently give it your best no matter what setbacks you may face. Self-determination means striving to achieve your desired results rather than having a “I’ll try it for 90 days and see what happens” attitude.

If you are responsible, motivated and determined, then becoming Self-Functional is virtually automatic. When you are Self-Functional, your chance for success increases immensely. You’ll mentally have the skills to run your own business and will consistently do whatever it takes to make it and keep it successful.

Senior Partner Checklist

Sign Your Personal Commitment Contract.

“You can have everything in life you want. If you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

We call this the Personal Commitment Contract. This is a contract that you can keep with yourself, designed to help you keep track of your goals and your dreams. Consider giving a copy of the contract to your Senior Business Partner, so they will help you stay on track with your goals.

With this final activity, you can outline the path you will have to take and the time you will have to commit to making your dreams a reality with Sparkle.

We strongly encourage you to also keep a copy of this for your own personal records. You can find a copy of the personal commitment contract in the final few pages of your Sparkle Academy Booklet. This will act as a resource for you to refer back to you from time to time so that you can review your progress.

Remember, you can come back to this training at any time to revisit the skills and materials you have learned here—however, all of the documents and training can also be found in the Exclusive Content Directory on www.clubsparkleusa.com/exclusivecontent.

Sparkle Adventures

Where will your journey take you?

Adventure is just around the corner with Sparkle

Imagine being able to go anywhere and do anything, traveling to distant lands, and having memorable adventures.

Each year, Club Sparkle adventures to exotic locations around the world for week-long excursions and getaways. To congratulate and celebrate their hard work and dedication to expanding the Sparkle Family, qualifying VIPs get to experience exclusive expenses paid trips to Hawaii, Phuket, Guam, and Las Vegas just to name a few.

A life free from the confines and constraints of the financial burden and the mundane droning of the daily grind is always nearby—with CLUB SPARKLE, this is a reality.

Watch our Sparkle Adventures playlist on YouTube to peer into our past Adventures to some of the world’s most exotic locations.

Welcome to a Life with No Limits! Complete the final quiz to earn your Loyalty Points!

You’ve completed the Life with No Limits Challenge—CONGRATULATIONS! You only have one more task left to complete to earn the rest of your Loyalty Points!

You must complete this quiz with at least an 80% to receive points for completing this module.

Once a manual review of your results has been completed, you will receive your Loyalty Points. This process should take no longer than two business days.

Take the final quiz and begin living Life with No Limits!

Now it’s your turn to teach others to learn as you have and grow your Team! This will help you with your 90-day goal of becoming a believer. Even though this challenge is ending now, look back at how you’ve grown over the next 60 days.

How big is your team? What does your income look like? What kinds of health improvements have you achieved?

The knowledge you have gained, and the capabilities you now possess can lead you to the life you want to build… and that begins here.

Recommended Reading

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

The sum of a man’s thoughts forms his character. His character influences the conditions and circumstances of his life. Every action springs forth first from through.

Abide & Abound by Anthony Diaz

“To succeed long term you must build and uplift the human spirit—not tear it down and destroy it by encouraging sloth and promising instant gratification. You must build upon the strengths and abilities of each individual by dedicating yourself to helping them acquire the skills that enable them to rise above personal fears and weaknesses.”


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