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Loyalty Points—our new Loyalty Rewards for Sparkle VIPs! 

During special campaigns and promotions—like the Life with No Limits Challenge—Sparkle VIPs in the United States now have the opportunity to earn special rewards through our Loyalty Program. These rewards are called Loyalty Points.

Loyalty Points share the same value as Share Points and can be used in a similar fashion. Loyalty Points can be traded for Sparkle products or used to cover the cost of shipping and handling. The only difference between Loyalty Points and Share Points is that Loyalty Points cannot be cashed out or converted into actual currency.

Loyalty Points are one more way to enjoy Sparkle products and our way of saying thank you to our Sparkle VIPs all around the world. There will be many more opportunities to earn Loyalty Points in the future!

You can earn Loyalty Points valued at $50 just for completing every task in the Life with No Limits Challenge!


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