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‘Tis the Season for Sparkle with the Gift of Sparkle Holiday Campaign Pack! Earn exclusive rewards with FREE GIFTS valued at $60! This is a limited-time offer and will only be available from November 26th to December 22nd.

This product can only be purchased by members. To purchase this product, sign up by purchasing VIP Pack B or VIP Pack A.

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Celebrate the holidays with Club Sparkle!

This holiday season, Sparkle is giving VIPs one more reason to celebrate with the release of a limited-time pack, consisting of your favorite health and wellness products! The 2021 Gift of Sparkle campaign includes:

  • 1 ION5
  • 1 Nectura
  • 1 Sparkle Mask
  • Loyalty Points ($15 value)
  • Free shipping & handling
  • Free Club Sparkle Membership

The Gift of Sparkle pack is $110—with $60 of FREE VALUE! This special holiday campaign will be available from November 26th to December 22nd.

Click the link below to get your Gift of Sparkle pack today!

Introducing Loyalty Points—our new Loyalty Rewards for Sparkle VIPs! 

During special campaigns—like the Gift of Sparkle campaign—Sparkle VIPs in the United States now have the opportunity to earn special rewards through our Loyalty Program. These rewards are called Loyalty Points.

Loyalty Points share the same value as Share Points and can be used in a similar fashion. Loyalty Points can be traded for Sparkle products or used to cover the cost of shipping and handling. The only difference between Loyalty Points and Share Points is that Loyalty Points cannot be cashed out or converted into actual currency.

Loyalty Points are one more way to enjoy Sparkle products and our way of saying thank you to our Sparkle VIPs all around the world. There will be many more opportunities to earn Loyalty Points in the future!

By purchasing the Gift of Sparkle campaign pack, VIPs will earn Loyalty Points valued at $15!

Gift of Sparkle FAQs

How do recipients of the Free VIP Membership Fee Waiver activate their waiver?

Recipients of the Gift of Sparkle can use their unique code to waive the Membership Fee at checkout when purchasing either VIP Pack A or VIP Pack B when prompted during Step 02 of the checkout process.

Can customers purchase the Gift of Sparkle Campaign pack?

The Gift of Sparkle 2021 Campaign can only be purchased by current Sparkle VIPs at this time.

Can inactive VIPs use the Gift of Sparkle Campaign to reactivate their accounts?

No. Inactive VIPs who have surpassed their sixteen-week grace period must wait one year after the date their Membership expired and then purchase either VIP Pack A or VIP Pack B.

Can I use the Gift of Sparkle Membership Fee Waiver to cover the cost of my own Membership Fee?

No. The Gift of Sparkle can only be used to waive the Membership Fee of a new VIP Member. All current Membership must pay the $30 annual fee to retain their Membership.

Do Loyalty Points expire if I do not use them?

Yes. Loyalty Points earned during this campaign will expire on June 22nd, 2022.

If I give someone the Gift of Sparkle, will they still have to purchase a VIP Pack, or do they automatically become a VIP?

The Free VIP Membership Fee Waiver only removes the Membership Fee from the purchase of a VIP Pack. Recipients of the Gift of Sparkle will still have to purchase a VIP Pack or a minimum of 32,000 points to become a Sparkle VIP.

Is there a limit to the number of holiday packs I can purchase? 

No, there is no limit to the amount of Gift of Sparkle campaign packs that you can purchase.

Can I use multiple Loyalty Points codes for one order if I purchase more than one pack? 

Yes, you can use as many Loyalty Points as you want for one order.

Can I substitute items within this pack? 

The Gift of Sparkle campaign packs can be purchased as advertised and cannot be substituted for other items. You can add other items if you wish, but you must pay the full price of that item. You will be charged separate shipping and handling for any additional items.

Can I use the campaign pack for my monthly Autoship?

Yes, you can, but remember that the pack is valued at 7,000 points.

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