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A multi-functional formula for anti-aging wellness and immune system boosting, supercharged with minerals.

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Organic Germanium GE-132

Nectura fights a variety of viruses and strengthens the Immune System

A small burgandy icon that features a brain, symbolizing brain health.

It fights a variety of viruses and strengthens the Immune System.

A small burgandy icon that features a liver for liver health.

Liver conditions including hepatitis and cirrhosis.

A small burgandy icon that features a heart that is half white and half pink.

Keep a healthy heart and blood vessels.

A small burgandy icon that features a white eye for eye health.

Prevent eye conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts.

An advertisement for Nectura that says "This unique 8:1 super concentrated formula delivers a pure, natural and delicious blend of: 47 phytonutrients and antioxidant extracts, organic germanium GE-132, 72 natural ionic minerals, 120 health enhancing ingredients, supercharged with energetics technology.
An advertisement for Nectura that says "The delicious way to wellness. Introducing Nectura - the most advanced proproetary formila from Japan for anti-aging wellness! Nectura is beyond juice... It is the first and only multi-functional food supplement of its kind ever created!"

Nectura Recipes

Banana strawberry smoothie

How to make a Nectura Banana Strawberry smoothie? It truly is as easy as adding the strawberries, banana, milk and Nectura to your blender and press the button!


Nectura yogurt with raspberries. Add 3 to 4 spoonsful of Nectura into a cup, fill the rest up with Yogurt, then top it off with some fresh raspberries! Enjoy your sweet and healthy yogurt for breakfast or dessert!


Put some strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, and Nectura to your favorite bowl and mix it. Pour a full of it over your pancakes and enjoy!


Add or blend your favorite fruit with Nectura, pour into popsicle molds, and freeze it overnight! The secret ingredient is gelatin which adds protein & gives the popsicle a nice texture!

Raspberry Ice Cream Parfait

Nectura Raspberry Ice Cream Parfait. It’s a perfect way to serve a beautiful no bake dessert and celebrate the flavors of the season. Add your favorite cereal into a cup, drop layers of ice cream with Nectura in the middle, then top it off with raspberries. Serve immediately!

An image that shows a recipe for Nectura: Ice cream with Nectura, all you need to do is pour Nectura on your favorite ice cream.
Vanilla Ice Cream

Enjoy a vanilla ice cream drizzled with Nectura. You just can’t go wrong with this perfect combination!! Pouring warm Nectura over the cold ice cream might be a great idea as well because it creates appealing differences in temperature as well as texture.


You can use ingredients such as spice, salt, vinegar, miso, and sake to making the meat tender. Marinating a meat with Nectura also make it tender and great taste! All you need to do is to place your meat and Nectura in a plastic bag and store inside the fridge. If you want to just add the delicious Nectura flavor, try brushing it directly to the meat before cooking!

Strawberry S’mores

How about trying some special strawberry s’mores to keep you warm. S’more is a campfire treat popular in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, consisting of a marshmallow and a layer of chocolate placed between 2 pieces of graham cracker. Instead of chocolate, top it off with some strawberries and pour our Nectura to complete your special dessert!!

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