Now that you have the skills to ensure your CLUB SPARKLE business is a success, it’s time to watch your business GROW. Exposing your business to both potential customers and VIPs should be your main objective. Duplicating your efforts is a winning strategy to achieve this result and let as many people as possible know about your business. As you teach your new VIPs this process by applying these principles and following these simple steps daily, you will achieve results, and HELP OTHERS GROW WITH YOU. 

In Week Four, you will:

Learn to Build Your Team

View Sample Sparkle Adventures

Take Your Final Challenge

To earn rewards for this week, you must:

Complete the final challenge with at least 80% or higher


Week Four consists of 4 sessions. Click on each module below. Be sure to complete them in order rather than skipping ahead.

Grow Your Team | 30 min.

A. Assist Your Team on their Journey to Success

As a Senior Business Partner yourself, help your new Members get started with their own Life with no Limits Challenge. Also, compiled from the Sparkle Academy, the Senior Partner Checklist below is a reminder of important steps you should take with your new Members to ensure they’re off to a successful start.

Guide new Members using the 72-14-90 Rule

Review the “Getting Started” Checklist

Set goals, intentions, and expectations

Establish a follow-up schedule

B. 72-14-90 Rule

Applying this rule to new VIPs enables you to track their results and maximize your time investment and theirs. You have…

To get your new Member into ACTIVITY mode.

To help them see RESULTS from those activities.

To make them a BELIEVER in the products and the opportunity.

C. Follow-Up Schedule

Never forget to follow up with a prospect! In order to have a satisfied, long-term Customer base, following up is vital. Always keep detailed records and have a Customer file to make this follow-up process smooth and simple!


Let your customers know how excited you are for them and make sure they are using the products properly. Consider offering some additional materials, such as Sparkle Recipes, or let them know how you like to incorporate Sparkle into your life.


Provide encouragement, and support, and share the results you and others have experienced from the products. Send a text or share a testimonial video from Club Sparkle USA’s YouTube channel. Let them know that they are not alone on their journey to better health and wellness.


Express your excitement about their immediate results. Your rapport has been established and they can relate to your enthusiasm about CLUB SPARKLE products. With an ongoing relationship, chances increase that they share your enthusiasm for Sparkle, and they may want to become Sparkle VIPs, too! Tell them about all of the benefits of the Sparkle Loyalty Program—such as the product discounts and access to the profit-sharing pool.

DAY 11

Now that they are seeing proven results, they are not going to want to run out of products. Help them prepare for their reorder and ask if they would like to share the products with others as well. Encourage them to place an Autoship order so that they will receive their favorite products automatically each month.

D. Formula to Success



Plus sign

Engage with people

Plus sign

Gain Momentum

Plus sign

Accumulate Volume

Plus sign

Generate Commissions

E. Watch the 15-minute Grow Your Team video below

F. Marketing 101

Every day we are exposed to marketing campaigns that influence our buying decisions. There are 3 phases for an effective campaign; Pre-Event, Event, and Post-Event. These will be the marketing fundamentals to your success with CLUB SPARKLE.


This is the promoting phase. The most important and often the most overlooked step in the marketing process. Promoting an upcoming event to as many prospects as possible prior to the event ensures you will achieve the best results for your time invested.


The Event can be a Conference Call, MeetUp, Sparkle Academy, introducing your new Member to others, etc. As long as you effectively do your part to “Pre-Event,” the Event always takes care of itself. The Event validates the opportunity and gets your prospects involved.


After the Event, always follow up with your prospects to review and ask if they have questions. This is the time to put the information into action and advance your business, as well as theirs. After the Post-Event, start Pre-Eventing the next Event. These 3 steps in marketing should be a continuous cycle in building your CLUB SPARKLE business.

Recommended Reading

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

The sum of a man’s thoughts forms his character. His character influences the conditions and circumstances of his life. Every action springs forth first from through.

Abide & Abound by Anthony Diaz

“To succeed long term you must build and uplift the human spirit—not tear it down and destroy it by encouraging sloth and promising instant gratification. You must build upon the strengths and abilities of each individual by dedicating yourself to helping them acquire the skills that enable them to rise above personal fears and weaknesses.”

You have completed Module One. Proceed to click on Module Two (Personal Growth) above.

Personal Growth | 10 min.

Where will your journey take you?

A. Personal Growth

Aside from better health and an additional income, CLUB SPARKLE’S unique global opportunity brings a tremendous reward—Personal Growth! Personal Growth by becoming a Sparkle VIP Member, accepting the challenge to run your own business, and taking control of your own life’s destiny.

Many successful people say that their greatest reward extends “beyond money.” They have improved their self-esteem, and confidence, and have broadened their relationships. Think of your CLUB SPARKLE business as an ongoing self-improvement course. By teaching other people and being involved in their personal growth, you develop yourself at the same time.

B. The Four “Selfs”

Personal improvement is vital to the success of your business and happiness. It begins with:

Why can one Sparkle Member make only $500 per month while another makes $5,000 per month? Understand that the products, the System, the Loyalty Program, and the environment are the same for all Members – the only variable is YOU! You must take RESPONSIBILITY for where you are in your business and where you are not.

As a Sparkle Member, you have the benefits of being self-employed. You are your own boss. You cannot rely on other people to motivate and direct you. The power of self-motivation needs to come from within. This is where your WHY plays a major role to keep you focused and on track.

Only you can provide the proper determination to LEARN the right skills, APPLY what you have learned, and USE the system daily. Diligently give it your best no matter what setbacks you may face. Self-determination means striving to achieve your desired results rather than having an “I’ll try it for 90 days and see what happens” attitude.

If you are responsible, motivated, and determined, then becoming Self-Functional is virtually automatic. When you are Self-Functional, your chance for success increases immensely. You’ll mentally have the skills to run your own business and will consistently do whatever it takes to make it and keep it successful.

You have completed Module Two. Proceed to click on Module Three (Sparkle Adventures) above.

Sparkle Adventures | 10 min.

Where will your journey take you?

A. Watch the Phuket Adventure video

B. Adventure is always just around the corner with Sparkle

Imagine being able to go anywhere and do anything, traveling to distant lands, and having memorable adventures.

Each year, Club Sparkle travels to exotic locations. To congratulate and celebrate their hard work and dedication, qualifying VIPs get to experience all-inclusive paid trips around the world.

Club Sparkle VIP Members can experience these adventures as they build their businesses. Here are some of the previous adventures that VIPs had the chance to earn.

You have completed Module Three. Proceed to click on Module Four (Final Challenge) above.

Final Challenge | 15 min.

Welcome to a Life with No Limits! Complete the final quiz to earn your Loyalty Points!

A. Your Final Quiz

You’ve completed the Life with No Limits Challenge—CONGRATULATIONS! You only have one more task left to complete to earn the rest of your Loyalty Points!

Complete the final quiz and score at least 80% to receive your points. You will receive your Loyalty Points within two business days.

Reach your 90-day goal of becoming a believer. Grow your team and teach others to learn as you have. Although this challenge is ending, look back 30 days and see how much you’ve grown.

The knowledge you’ve gained can lead you to a life you have always dreamed of living.

Take the final quiz now and begin living Life with No Limits!


You have completed Module Four. Proceed to click on Module Five (Your Feedback) above.

Your Feedback | 10 min.

Share your thoughts to help us improve this experience for new VIP Members

A. Let us hear your thoughts

Your responses are important to us, as they allow us to improve the experience for everyone.

We would appreciate it if you would consider taking a few moments to complete the survey at the link below to let us know what you thought about the challenge.


You have completed the Life with No Limits Challenge!


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