Welcome to the Club Sparkle Family! We’re excited about the limitless possibilities that await you – from better health, income, lifestyle, friendships, adventures, and more. We, along with your referrer, are here to help support you through your journey toward total life transformation.

To simplify your onboarding process, we have provided this easy-to-follow 30-Day Challenge. It is segmented by weekly activities that will keep you on the right track toward achieving your goals.

In Week One, you will:

Discover our innovative line of health & wellness products

Learn about your Virtual eOffice and Online Resources

Connect with the Community

Watch the Sparkle Academy Video and Read the Booklet

★ To earn rewards for this week, you must:

Register for AutoShip

Attend a Sparkle Event and Share Your Thoughts


Week One consists of 7 sessions. Click on each module below. Be sure to complete them in order rather than skipping ahead.

Introduction | 25 min.

This is the beginning of your journey to a Life with No Limits!

A. Watch the following 12-minute introductory video

B. Your Welcome Kit

Your Virtual Welcome Kit will help you access your eOffice, notify you of important reminders, point you to Member Resources, and establish a quick action plan and checklist to get started. Simply refer to the email that you received upon signing up.

Watch this video to learn more about your Welcome Kit.

You have completed Module One. Proceed to click on Module Two (Mission & Founders) above.

Mission & Founders | 10 min.

Club Sparkle was founded by industry-leading professionals with decades of experience

A. Watch the 2-minute Discover Club Sparkle video

B. The Mission

Sparkle was born out of our intense passion to help people believe in themselves and realize their full potential beyond the limits they perceive. There is so much untapped potential and undiscovered talent in each person. Our goal is to help you unleash that potential that’s just waiting to shine through. This self-fulfilling opportunity will help you achieve the best of health, beauty, income, personal achievement, and a life full of sparkle!

Sparkle unites people from all walks of life in an environment that supports each other to accomplish the same mission “to live Life with No Limits.”

C. Founders

Lani Dizon, Founder & President

Ms. Lani Dizon has been a successful distributor, leader, and trainer in the Direct Sales Industry for over a decade. She was initially introduced to the industry by Mr. Anthony Diaz. Although she had no previous sales experience, she was intrigued by the method that was presented to her. She immediately got involved and never looked back. Her natural drive and determination helped her quickly become one of the top female performers.

Ms. Dizon has inspired thousands of women across the globe which led her to create the Women’s Business Network (WBN). This unique organization empowers women to discover their full potential through a self-fulfilling opportunity for better health, wealth, and personal development. The foundation to continue this phenomenal group will be formed through Sparkle to unify women from all backgrounds who support each other toward success.

Ms. Dizon has appeared on the cover of MyVegas magazine twice, once as one of the Top 100 Women of the Year, and once again as one of the Top 100 Women of Influence.

In her 2019 MyVegas magazine appearance, Ms. Dizon stated:

“Conditioning the mind is like exercise for the brain. Your mind manifests what you feed it. Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes, whereas negative thoughts lead to negative energy and often negative outcomes. Our thoughts set the frequency in our lives—low or high—which has a direct correlation to our results. This is why I strongly believe that with a healthy mindset you can accomplish anything. This is why Club Sparkle’s slogan is, “Life with No Limits!”

Anthony Diaz, Founder & Chairman

Mr. Anthony Diaz is known as one of the strongest demonstrators of leadership. With over two decades of experience in the Direct Sales Industry, Anthony Diaz has pro-actively helped tens of thousands of individuals across the world with his proven teachings and guidance as a successful distributor, marketer, business consultant, motivational speaker, professional trainer, and company owner.

Through his remarkable vision and insight, he is renowned as “The Messenger” and “The Innovator,” a marketing maverick who has developed countless innovations and trends that have created paradigm shifts in the industry. These include innovations in personal import, binary and hybrid compensation plans, matching bonuses, proven training systems, advanced marketing techniques, interactive CD-ROMs, product packaging, and presentation that are widely used today.

D. The Vision

Our vision for the future is to continually make a life-changing impact on people’s lives around the world. We strive to sustain Club Sparkle’s magnetic environment of motivation, inspiration, and empowerment for people to thrive and grow, both personally and financially. This is important because people could attain so much more success and happiness with the right mental attitude. It is your mindset that dictates your reality.

Club Sparkle’s success as a global company is directly dependent on the success of our Member’s results on our products and Profit-Sharing Program. We have already proven that this innovative model works in Japan and other Southeast Asian countries, and now expanding into America.

We are passionately committed to creating a fun, friendly, and spectacular environment for people to gain the courage to live the life they deserve to live. Club Sparkle has paved the way as a new kind of company with proven, multi-function products, comined with a money-making opportunity unlike anything before.

Sparkle was created for Generation NOW. That means YOU. So if you’re looking for youth, beauty, energy, weight management, and a financial makeover, then Sparkle is what you’ve been looking for.

Now let’s begin your journey to Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great!

You have completed Module Two. Proceed to click on Module Three (Products) above.

Look Young, Feel Young, Be Young! | 30 min.

Learn about Sparkle products that are changing lives around the world

A. Superior Health & Wellness Products

Minerals are essential for total body wellness. Without them, not a single muscle in your body—including your heart and brain—could function. If the body lacks vitamins, the body can still utilize minerals. But, if the body lacks minerals, vitamins are not properly utilized.

Research indicates that almost every ailment, sickness, and disease can be traced to a mineral deficiency. Unfortunately, for decades there has been an ongoing epidemic of mineral depletion in the soils, fruits, and vegetables. This is compromising good health because the body cannot create its own minerals, we must obtain them through food or supplementation. Therefore, the biggest challenge with minerals is finding the proper balance in a form that can be readily absorbed by the body. This is not so easy, and as a result, the epidemic is spreading around the world.

Mineral deficiency extends far beyond one nation or continent; it is a global issue that affects nearly a quarter of the earth’s population. In fact, both the World Health Organization and the United Nations estimate that as many as two billion people suffer from mineral deficiency worldwide. You might wonder: how is this possible? The truth is, as we trade healthy greens and mineral-rich foods for unhealthy substitutes, our bodies begin to crave nutrition we might not even know we are missing. This is called hidden hunger and it causes a plethora of health issues that can become quite severe if left unaddressed.

This is why the foundation of Club Sparkle’s product line begins with ION5—our exclusive blend of 72 IONIC Energetic Trace Minerals. ION5 is micellized, which allows for superior absorption of vitamins and minerals, thereby nourishing your body at a cellular level. ION5 also comes in a natural form that is similar to fluid found in the human body, making it more readily absorbable.

Let’s take a look at the videos below to learn more about how ION5 and other Sparkle products can help you on your journey toward better health and wellness.

B. Watch the 5-minute product video below

C. See the Difference

This 7-minute video demonstrates the mineral power of ION5 when tested against other supplements.

D. Product Resources

We provide professionally designed marketing materials for every one of our products, including flyers, booklets, recipes, how-to videos, and more!

For easy access, we have provided downloadable versions below.

The cover of the ION 5 Booklet. The cover features the words ION5: Energetic Trace Minerals. The perfect balance of 72 essential trace minerals supercharged with Energetics Technology (trademarked). A large ION 5 bottle is at the center of the page with water splashing behind it. The bottle is overlaying some background elements, including blue and silver hexagons.

E. Delicious Recipes

In this image, ION5 is tossed with salad as a new way to consume it. The graphic features a a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and ION 5, with the words ION 5, Energetic Trace Minerals, and Enjoy a healthy salad by adding a few drops of ION5!
An image that displays lemon cookies with EverYoung sprinkled on top of them.
An image that shows Nectura being used a topping for yogurt

F. Supplemental Materials

We have also included other informational booklets, flyers, videos, and a link to our Exclusive Content page for you to learn more at your earliest convenience. These include additional resources such as Spanish flyer translations and other marketing materials.

Click here to see the product resources available to you as a Sparkle VIP.

You have completed Module Three. Proceed to click on Module Four (AutoShip) above.

Register for AutoShip | 20 min.

With our convenient AutoShip program, you will automatically be billed monthly for your choice of Club Sparkle products to ensure you never mistakenly run out or become Inactive

A. Watch the 10-minute AutoShip video below

B. How to set up your AutoShip

To retain Active status as a Club Sparkle VIP Member, you must maintain a monthly minimum product order of 7,000pts. The easiest way to ensure that you stay Active and don’t run out of any products is to automate this process by signing up for AutoShip.

In the above video, we’ll show you how to make sure you’re on AutoShip, and how to sign up if you aren’t already. Nicoli also reviews the benefits of a 7,000pts versus a 14,000pts AutoShip order, which will help you decide how many products you want each month, and which is the better option for maximum bonus earning potential through our Loyalty Program.


C. Sparkle Pay Periods

Although commissions and points are calculated weekly, they’re only credited to your eWallet on the 10th and 25th of every month.

The four Weekly Pay Periods play an important role in our Loyalty Program, so this will be referenced frequently throughout the Challenge.

All order activity generated by you and your Team within a Weekly Pay Period is calculated at midnight on the LAST DAY of each Weekly Pay Period to determine your total bonus points earned for that week.

All points earned during weeks 1 & 2 are paid on the 25th of the same month.

All points earned during weeks 3 & 4 are paid on the 10th of the following month.

D. Inactive Status

A VIP account becomes inactive when a qualifying monthly order is not placed before its scheduled AutoShip date. Inactive accounts cannot earn bonuses or points, but you do have a sixteen-week grace period before your account is terminated.

This grace period does not reset until you have completed one full year with Active status from the most recent date of inactivity. For more information, please refer to our Member Policies & Procedures.

You have completed Module Four. Proceed to click on Module Five (eOffice & Resources) above.

eOffice & Resources | 25 min.

Familiarize yourself with your eOffice, which tracks all your product orders, team activity, Share Point earnings, cashouts, and manages resources

A. Watch the 13-minute video about the eOffice below

Your Sparkle eOffice enables you to manage your business online at your convenience. Easily track your team’s activity, commission earnings, request and review cash outs through your eWallet, use points toward product purchases, access VIP downloads, review your order history, and much more.

B. Business Building Materials

While you will always have the option to download and print your own marketing materials, we have also created a convenient package that makes sharing your business easier than ever!

The Business Builder Kit—which comes complimentary with VIP Pack B—contains marketing materials that will enhance your business experience. Professionally designed materials like those included with the Business Builder Kit will leave a lasting impression on anyone you choose to share with, which will ultimately lead to better results.

These materials include flyers and business cards, which Nicoli discusses in this video.

If you didn’t purchase VIP Pack B, you can purchase the Business Builder Kit on our website. Each kit comes with 100 personalized business cards, similar to those shown in the video. Your business cards will also come with the option to feature a QR Code.

C. What is a QR Code?

With QR codes, you can view and share videos, and flyers, and access entire websites just by scanning them with your smartphone.

This is also a convenient way for you to seamlessly share Club Sparkle with others.

Sparkle QR Codes feature the distinctive Club Sparkle logo in the center and are frequently found in our flyers, monthly newsletter, and on Sparkle VIP business cards. QR codes added to your business card can be a great way to introduce others to the Sparkle Lifestyle with videos on our YouTube channel that they can watch on their phones, there, or at a later time.

Your personal QR Code and Referral Link can be found by clicking here, or by going to your My Account page on this website and accessing the “My QR Code” tab. When someone makes a purchase via your QR code or referral link, you will receive credit and commissions for qualifying purchases.

You have completed Module Five. Proceed to click on Module Six (Community) above.

Connect with the Community | 15 min.

Attend a Sparkle Event, let us hear your thoughts, and earn exclusive rewards

A. Watch the 2-minute Join Our Sparkle Culture video

B. Virtual Sparkle Events

The Club Sparkle community will help keep you connected with positive, like-minded Members who encourage you to achieve your hopes and dreams.

We host two types of Sparkle events monthly—MeetUps and Webinars—that will introduce you to our community and our company culture.

MeetUps are designed to help you build your business. These events make it simple for you to invite new people to learn more about Club Sparkle. Our Business Development Team will educate you and your guests about our unique products and life-enhancing opportunity. Make it a goal to invite new prospects to each MeetUp, and ensure Members of your team are doing the same.

This allows you access to the Business Development Team who cover special announcements, training, Q&A sessions, and feature special guest speakers.

Attend a Sparkle Event, then take our survey.


1. Attend a Sparkle Event

2. Take our Event Survey

3. Follow Us on Social Media

Click each image for our social media to like, follow or subscribe.






You have completed Module Six. Proceed to click on Module Seven (Sparkle Academy) above.

Welcome to the Sparkle Academy | 1 hr.

Our Sparkle Academy provides you with the essential skills to maximize your results during your first 90 days and beyond. It gets you started on the right track with simple, yet proven techniques to achieve and maintain a successful business.

A. Watch the 45-minute Sparkle Academy video below

B. Your 90-Day Action Plan

The Sparkle Academy is the result of decades of professional experience from our Founders. It contains insights and helpful tips designed to help you become the next Sparkle success story.

We will refer to several important aspects of the Sparkle Academy booklet throughout the Life with No Limits Challenge. If you haven’t already, be sure you download a copy below and reference the material as you complete the modules within the Challenge. Putting what you learn from the Sparkle Academy into action each day will ensure that you and your team will maximize your efforts for the best results.

You have completed . Proceed to click on above .


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