The product benefits you receive and the income results you achieve are essential to your story. Your belief and enthusiasm will make it natural for you to share CLUB SPARKLE with the world.

In this module, we will teach you how to SHARE YOUR STORY & GROW!

In Week Three, you will:

Create Your Sparkle Testimonial

Share Your Sparkle Story

Create Your Action Plan

Watch the Seven Skills of the Sparkle Achiever Webinar Series

To earn rewards for this week, you must:

Submit your Written Testimonial

Submit your Video Testimonial


Week Three consists of 4 sessions. Click on each module below. Be sure to complete them in order rather than skipping ahead.

Your Sparkle Story | 30 min.

A. Your Story Matters

Your story can be used to gain people’s attention, position yourself as a creator of value, and ultimately a problem solver when used properly.

When developing your testimonial, remember that people will respond to your energy much more than to your words alone. Share your story with enthusiasm and sincerity and see how others become more intrigued with what it is you have to say.

Your testimonial is a crucial part of your Sparkle Journey. Being your true authentic self is what will inspire others to begin their journey.

What’s your Sparkle Story? Inspire others by creating your Testimonial now.

B. Create Your Sparkle Story

See how our Japanese Sparkle Leaders achieve success.

Meet Risa Mihara—a Sparkle Leader in Japan. In this testimonial video, Risa talks about her upbringing, how she found Sparkle, and the skills she used to succeed in this industry. It is in this story that we learn what drives her to share Sparkle with the world. Your testimonial is your story that you will share with the world.

Use the tools you’ve learned to create your story. Think about how the products make you feel and the results you have achieved. If someone asked you what Sparkle has meant to you, what would you share with them? Your written testimonial is important to your story. We have included questions to help guide you through this process at the written testimonial link below.

Create your story and start sharing today!

Share your Sparkle Story with us! How have the Sparkle products and opportunity made a difference in your life?

C. Complete a Written Testimonial


D. Submit a Video Testimonial


You have completed Module One. Proceed to click on Module Two (Share Your Story) above.

Share Your Story | 20 min.

The lifeblood of your business is NEW PEOPLE!

You must constantly share the CLUB SPARKLE opportunity with new people EVERY DAY!

A. The Approach

We are not in the selling business, we are in the SHARING business. When you share your story with enthusiasm, the selling becomes automatic because people will want to try the products. Your personal testimony is your most powerful weapon. Other people’s testimonies validate that your prospects can experience results too.

One of the biggest obstacles that beginners need to overcome is acting desperate. You need to treat this as a real business. Never force or convince people to get involved. People will join when they are ready. You have the power to choose the partners you wish to work with. You are in control.

Remember, if you convince people to join, you will eventually have to convince them to stay. Your goal is to present the business so they want to join, then they’ll want to stay. 

B. What to Say – Watch this 2-minute video with sample testimonials

C. Psychology Behind the Sale

In this day and age, life is already complicated as it is. People don’t need more complications in owning and operating a traditional business. Below are 4 common factors people think about when they consider a home-based business:

  1. SIMPLE: Is this simple enough for the average person with no experience?
  2. FUN: Can I have fun or will this be difficult or boring?
  3. MONEY: How much money will it cost? How much money can I earn?
  4. HELP: Will get support to become successful?

D. Complete the “Who Do You Know” Worksheet

Who do you know? Who needs better health, more income, and more free time? This worksheet will help you create your initial contact list. Among all of the people you contact, 10–20% on average may become your Club Sparkle Member or Customer…So if you list 100 names, 10–20 people may partake. Who do you know?

Keep this list accessible and remember to share Club Sparkle products and the opportunity with family, friends, business associates, and others you care about. Expand your list by asking your contacts who they know.

Download the “Who Do You KNow Worksheet” and use the examples below to help complete your initial list of contacts. Start spreading the word and introduce someone new to Club Sparkle now!

You have completed Module Two. Proceed to click on Module Three (Follow Your Action Plan) above.

Follow Your Action Plan | 10 min.

These 12 ACTIONS will help your start achieving results and become the next Sparkle success story

A. View the 12-step Action Plan inforgraphic below

You have completed Module Three. Proceed to click on Module Four (Finding Prospects) above.

Finding Prospects | 45 min.

Learn important business-building skills from the Business Development Team

A. Watch the 42-minute Finding Prospects intro video below

You have the opportunity to earn special titles as you build your business. One such title—Sparkle Achiever—is held by our top-earning VIP Members. To become a Sparkle Achiever, you must have at least ten personally referred VIP Members on your Team, with six of them being Active with a 14,000pts Autoship.

All of our current Sparkle Achievers have one thing in common: they all attended the Seven Skills of a Sparkle Achiever webinar series. Your first 90 days are critical for you to grow your business. So it is crucial that you learn these fundamental skills to succeed. We created this list of seven skills based on years of experience. This seven-part webinar series is available to all Club Sparkle VIP Members.

Here you can find the most crucial skill of the seven: Finding Prospects. You can find the complete series in your Exclusive Content tab.

You have completed Week Three. Proceed to click on Week Four.


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