The best way to build your business is to simply share your personal story. Your story includes how the Sparkle products and opportunity make you feel and how they’ve improved your life. Sharing your compelling story with enthusiasm is a natural magnet because other people will feel your positive energy – if they feel it’s simple enough for them to achieve results too, they’ll be more receptive to giving Sparkle a try themselves. In this module, we will teach you how to DEVELOP YOUR STORY & GROW!

In Week Two, you will:

Review Your Product Results

Learn how to profit from your product results

Discover the Loyalty Program

See how you can earn free products

Set Your Goals, Intentions & Expectations

Complete your Personal Commitment Contract


Week Two consists of 5 sessions. Click on each module below. Be sure to complete them in order rather than skipping ahead.

Your Product Results | 20 min.

How are the Sparkle products making you feel? What results have you experienced?

A. Your Product Results

Your story, which is built through the results you achieve from our products and opportunity, is an important tool in your marketing repertoire.

Having an authentic story makes a difference when sharing Club Sparkle with others. More importantly, when you share with enthusiasm and excitement, others will become excited.

Your story is impactful, motivating, awe-inspiring, and most importantly, it’s a true story. Your story is one that people can connect with and see the possibilities of what Sparkle can do for them.

Share your experience and what you have achieved with Sparkle.

Your belief in the products should give you natural enthusiasm you can share.

These videos are product testimonials from people who have achieved incredible results in how they look and feel.

B. Watch the testimonials below

You have completed Module One. Proceed to click on Module Two (Try It, Share It, Profit!) above.

Try It, Share It, Profit! | 15 min.

Discover three simple steps to earning massive rewards!

A. Watch the 2-minute Try It, Share It, Profit video below

B. Watch the 4-minute Discover our Products video

In the 2-minute video above, you learned how to Try it, Share It, Profit! This short 4-minute video provides a few testimonials from a couple of our Advisory Council Members and others as a sampling of how they effectively share their short and enthusiastic testimonials and story. It serves as a great example of how you should build yours as well.

You have completed Module Two. Proceed to click on Module Three (Loyalty Program) above.

Loyalty Program | 25 min.

Enhance your lifestyle as you earn generous bonuses and unlimited rewards

A. Watch the 12-minute Loyalty Program video below

B. Achieve with Sparkle in Six Unique Ways

Our unique business model uses an innovative platform called DIRECT CONNECT MARKETING (DCM). DCM is powered by a lucrative profit-sharing program that generously sets aside 55% of all Global Sales into a profit-sharing pool, in which all of our Members can participate.

Thousands have made fortunes and continuously enjoy a fun, healthy, happy, and adventurous lifestyle. DCM is setting a new standard—a new PARADIGM SHIFT that will create the next generation of marketing millionaires and success stories! This unique concept has already been proven in Japan with countless individuals and is now starting its global expansion!

Below are the 6 generous bonuses our Sparkle Loyalty program offers, powered by our innovative DCM business model:

Bonus #1: New Spark Bonus (NSB)

Paid on first-time orders

Share CLUB SPARKLE’s life-changing products with friends and family, or anyone who may want to benefit from youth, beauty, nutrition, energy, weight management, and total body wellness.

The New Spark Bonus is a 20% bonus paid on all first-time product orders made by your referrals.

Bonus #2: Share the Sales (STS) Pool


Fifty-five percent (55%) of all Company Sales Revenue points for the weekly pay period (after NSB and RSB Points are paid) is set aside in the STS Pool for all qualified VIPs to share. All Shares earned during the weekly pay period will be divided by the total number of Shares earned by all qualified VIPs in the Company, to give the value of one Share.

Bonus #3: Repeat Spark Bonus (RSB)

Paid on Repeat Orders

Earn a Repeat Spark Bonus (RSB) on each product reorder placed by VIPs and Affiliates (up to 8 referral levels in your Team, whether they were referred by you or not.

Bonus #4: Share Match Bonus (SMB)

Earn a Match Bonus on other Member’s Share Earnings

Earn a generous SHARE MATCH bonus on your personally-referred Members (and others in your Team). When they earn Shares, you can MATCH their Share earnings up to 7 dynamically compressed levels!

Bonus #5: Title Bonus

Enjoy Generous One-Time Title Bonuses

Earn Title Bonus for Top 4 Title Achievements. Total earnings that can be achieved (based on reaching all Titles) is 25,000,000 points (equivalent to approximately $250,000 USD).

Bonus #6: Re-Entry Bonus

Boost Your Rewards By Earning Another VIP Account Anywhere On Your Teams!

The Re-Entry is a separate VIP account controlled by you and comes with all of the bonuses of your original account. With this bonus, a qualified VIP can choose to place another VIP account (controlled by them) anywhere on their Team A or Team B to maximize earnings, allowing you to earn Bonuses (including Share Match Bonuses) on yourself!

You have completed Module Three. Proceed to click on Module Four (How to Get Free Products) above.

Your Pathway to Free Monthly Products | 8 min.

Enjoy all of your Sparkle Products completely free every month!

A. Watch the 6-minute Pathway to Free Products video below

You have completed Module Four. Proceed to click on Module Five (Setting Intentions & Goals) above.

Your Sparkle Game Plan | 35 min.

This module will help you to identify your goals and what you need to do to achieve them

A. Watch the 26-minute Setting Intentions & Goals video below

B. Set Your Goals Now

The definition of success is different for everyone. It is critical that you clearly define what you want in life and write it down. Refer to the Personal Commitment Contract in the Sparkle Academy booklet on pages 21 and 22 (and in this module). This will allow you to create a step-by-step blueprint to achieve your goals and expectations. Share this blueprint with your referrer.

They will have as much interest in your aspirations as you do. Remember, in order for them to succeed, they must help you succeed. That is the brilliance of CLUB SPARKLE’s “People Franchise” model. It is truly a People Helping People Program that benefits everyone involved.

C. Sign Your Personal Commitment Contract

Your Personal Commitment Contract will assist you to keep track of your goals and your dreams. Consider giving a copy of the contract to your Senior Business Partner, so they will help you stay on track with your goals.

This contract will act as a resource for you to refer back to you from time to time so that you can review your progress.

Creating a Personal Commitment to yourself is important to help you make your dreams a reality. The goals you list will act as a contract with yourself. If you are having trouble reaching your desired goals, review this contract and determine if you are staying firm to your commitments. Then, review whether your goals are realistic or not.

You have completed Week Two. Proceed to click on Week Three.


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