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Dr. Daniel Hecker (Chiropractor)

“In today’s day and age, we find that a lot of people don’t have the time to make the healthy drinks such as smoothies. Therefore, creating an unhealthy lifestyle that gets passed down to generations after generations. It’s my intention to share the need for nutrient rich foods for a healthy life. With Club Sparkle Products, what you get are nutrient-rich supplements that you can easily implement into your daily routine. What’s more exciting is that you get the building blocks that the body needs to be healthy and energetic all while having the opportunity to build residual income like many of my patients have achieved.

In April of last year I had my 49th birthday and started feeling like I had lost a step. I made excuses after seeing patients all day that I couldn’t go to the gym because I was so tired.

In December 2018, I started the core Club Sparkle products of EverYoung, Nectura and ION5. Wow, what a difference! I start the day with more energy, end with more energy and have started using my gym membership. I have already lost 5 lbs within the last 2 months without really trying. With Club Sparkle products, you get nutrient-rich food and supplements … that you can put in a bottle of water, shake and go … plus the building blocks that the body needs to be healthy and energetic!”

Dr. Hecker grew up in Northern Illinois and after graduating high school, he joined the US Navy where he spent most of his time on the East Coast and deployed overseas. After serving in the Navy for over 5 years, he discovered a new and profound meaning to self-discipline and hard work, which led him to succeed in premedical course work at the Northern Illinois University, and in June 2004, he received his Degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. In 2012, Dr. Hecker opened Gentle Pain Care Centers in Las Vegas Nevada where he met Michelle Lindsey, who worked as his Office Manager. Michelle would introduce Dr. Hecker to Club Sparkle a few years later.

As an advocate of chiropractic and healthy living, when he discovered the great benefits the Sparkle Products can have to the human body—it became natural for him to introduce the Gift of Sparkle with his friends, family and especially his patients. Dr. Hecker believes having healthy spinal alignment through good chiropractic care and getting the building blocks for our cells from nutrients are two of the best things people can do for a healthy life.

In 2019, Dr. Hecker became part of the Sparkle Advisory Council and since has appeared as a Guest Speaker at our Events, where he shared his knowledge in nutrition and the role it has in healthy living. Since starting his practice in Nevada, Dr. Hecker has enjoyed public speaking. As an advocate of chiropractic and healthy living, he regularly conducts talks at various businesses and events, especially about nutrition and the role it has in healthy living.

Dr. Stella Lau (Optometrist)

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