Last Updated on June 17, 2022

About Club Sparkle Products

At Club Sparkle, our top priority is offering only the best and safest products for lifetime consumption. The Founders of Club Sparkle have decades of experience in nutrition and product manufacturing. Through their strong alliances with top scientists and engineers, they have created extraordinary beauty and wellness formulations. All Club Sparkle products are created with extensive research, manufactured in state-of-the-art FDA (Food & Drug Administration) & GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified Pharmaceutical Facilities in the USA and undergo the strictest level of quality assurance standards in the USA and Japan.

Please be sure to reach out to our offices by contacting us through e-mail at or by calling our offices at 1-872-SPARKLE (772-7553). No cancellation or change is guaranteed until our offices have spoken to you regarding the situation.

No, our products are vegan-friendly.

We have no age restrictions for our wellness products: Nectura, EverYoung, and ION5 because they are made of pure and natural ingredients. There are also no age guidelines for our Angel Silk and Shine products, but these are typically used by individuals 12 years old and over. The Halo facial toning and beauty device is recommended for those individuals 18 years old and over.

Although all products are safe at the recommended dosage, we recommend that pregnant women consult with their health care professional if there are any concerns.

Nectura is a multi-functional wellness beverage with a focus on total body wellness. It was formulated in Japan, and is manufactured in the USA with American ingenuity. Nectura is beyond juice – it contains 47 of the most powerful antioxidant extracts, such as Noni, Mangosteen, Acai, Pomegranate, and Graviola to name a few plus 72 ionic minerals for a powerful delivery system. Nectura is fortified with the most powerful immune system builder discovered in Japan – Organic Germanium GE-132. With 120 healthy ingredients in each serving, this product can stand alone against the competition.

Nectura makes wellness fun, simple and delicious for everyone from young children to the elderly. Due to its delicious taste, it’s so easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle. Just one serving gives laser-like delivery of anti-aging, anti-stress properties and antioxidants, so you can Look Young, Feel Young and Be Young. Nectura revolutionizes a new product category as a multi-functional wellness beverage.

The “best by” date is listed on the side of each bottle.

Nectar in Greek and Roman mythology means the drink of the gods. The word Nectura symbolizes this to the next level by combining antioxidants and the most essential part (the “essence”) of the fruits into one delicious wellness beverage.

Although we request our manufacturer to list a 3-year “best by” date, the formula can stay fresh even for 10 years without opening the bottle due to a special proprietary pharmaceutical grade process called Aseptic Technology in which no human contact is made during the filling process. This ensures the end product remains free of bacteria during bottling, and can sustain an extended shelf life.

Nectura is a multi-functional food beverage that contains a wealth of superior nutrition. Vitamins are not “added” to the formula.

We secure our ingredients well in advance similar to how commodities are secured. This ensures we have ingredients at our disposal even in the case of severe weather, fire or natural disasters that may affect supply. Each ingredient of Nectura goes through strict compliance according to the Ministry of Health in Japan to ensure the stability of the ingredients in every batch. It is important to note that the ingredients in Nectura are not the juice of the fruit, but the extracts of the fruit which helps guarantee flavor, purity and effectiveness.

Based on comparisons, Nectura has been proven to have the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value in the world through a professional 3rd party laboratory that specializes in testing ORAC values.

Some companies disclose the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value of their product which pales in comparison with Nectura’s.

The particulars of our sources are proprietary, however, we use high-end stable resources that provide only the purest high-quality ingredients. In fact, each batch of our products goes through strict stability testing and random checks by the Japanese Government.

Since we abide by Japan’s standards, which are the strictest in the world, this gives assurance to our high standard of quality, not only with each ingredient but also the product as a whole.

From a Company standpoint, it would not be favorable to provide actual comparisons as that can be perceived as us degrading others. Instead, we mainly focus on how Nectura and other CLUB SPARKLE products stand above the rest by proven results. Naturally we welcome our Members to do their own research.

ION5 is the perfect balance of 72 essential and trace minerals supercharged with Energetics TechnologyTM. No other mineral supplement is naturally as powerful! It is perfect minerals in perfect balance… the way nature intended!

  • ION5 is naturally ionic and is similar to the fluid found in the human body, making it readily
  • ION5 helps balance the body’s pH level which is vital for maintaining good
  • ION5 is more concentrated than any other mineral supplement in the
  • ION5 helps the body absorb supplements effectively and is the foundation of Sparkle
  • ION5 is safe, pure & effective, and made without chemical

Minerals are essential for total body wellness. Over 90% of all body functions require minerals. Without them, not a single muscle including your heart and brain could function. Also, research indicates that almost every ailment, sickness and disease can be traced to mineral deficiency. If the body lacks vitamins, the body can still utilize minerals. But, if the body lacks minerals, vitamins are not properly utilized.

EverYoung is a completely new breakthrough in the field of rejuvenation, beauty, anti-aging, and longevity. This proprietary formula contains a complete spectrum of health enhancing nutrients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Co-enzyme Q10, Collagen, Niacin, Taurine, and other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients that are designed to replenish, balance, and bring natural energy to the body.

This synergistic blend of powerful ingredients promotes overall rejuvenation from the inside out for a radiant complexion, beautiful skin, healthy hair and nails, along with youth, energy and vitality.

  • Optimal health, vigor and rejuvenation
  • Enhances lasting energy throughout the day
  • Helps increase clarity and focus
  • Improved integrity of the hair, skin, nails and complexion
  • Helps with the effects of stress
  • Nourishes vital organs and helps maintain the cardiovascular system
  • Helps increase the production of lymphocytes and amino acids
  • Helps strengthen the immune system

In the morning on an empty stomach for improved focus, alertness, and natural energy. You can also enjoy EverYoung at any time during the day when you need a natural energy lift.

There are three products in the Perflection Line: Beauty Control Brush, Finishing Glow and Skin Perfector.

Angel Silk is natural and healthy micro-minerals that are actually good for your skin! It’s the perfect alternative to make-up due to its remarkable ability to create a flawless complexion in just 60 seconds. Simply brush the silky micro-minerals onto your skin to reveal an immediate difference with even skin tone and a lifted appearance. Through healthy skin nutrition, women and men notice their complexion becomes more beautiful naturally over time. The Skin Perfector provides natural-looking, even coverage of healthy minerals on your face while the Finishing Glow sets the minerals for a longer-lasting, beautiful translucent glow and a picture perfect look.

This soft, silky face brush is integrated with a convenient built-in container that allows you to carry Angel Silk Minerals anytime, anywhere. In addition, it has a unique dial that allows you to adjust the amount of minerals in 3 steps, so you can perfectly select the optimum amount to cover your skin.

Halo™ helps to lift, tone, firm and sculpt the complexion. It uses the latest mimicking technology, much like the brain light wave energy required to secrete co-enzymes, to stimulate the production of collagen and HEGF (Human Epidermal Growth Factor). This works to repair the elastic structure of the skin and accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, and reduce wrinkles. Halo is also beneficial to the health through facial pressure points and reflexology.

You may notice our labels indicate only Natural Flavors. This is due to our products containing only flavors isolated from natural sources like fruits, roots, bark, and herbs. Club Sparkle products do not contain any artificial flavors.

About the Opportunity

The Club Sparkle opportunity is for everyone, regardless of gender, race, age, religion, political or other personal beliefs. Our unique business model appeals to women, men, couples, singles and families of all backgrounds.

If we can create tremendous success in the toughest market in the world (Japan), we can help people become successful anywhere.

In Japan, we have successfully obtained thousands of satisfied customers who have opened their minds and hearts to the Club Sparkle opportunity. We have helped people from all backgrounds across Japan achieve positive life-changing health, wellness and income results through our innovative business opportunity and product trends. In fact, Club Sparkle has made such a great impact that it was rated one of the TOP 10 Innovative Companies and Nectura was rated one of the TOP 10 Product Trends in Japan!

More information about the Club Sparkle opportunity can be obtained through your Referrer, the Club Sparkle website, Company brochures, our YouTube channel and by attending a Club Sparkle MeetUp.

The benefits of having a Club Sparkle business are limitless!

  • Affordable start-up cost
  • An unlimited personal growth opportunity for anyone, regardless of past experience, age, gender or background
  • Earn income around your current lifestyle and schedule without the constraints of a typical job or career
  • Obtain recognition, encouragement and continuous self-improvement.
  • Receive great support from the Company, your Referrer and other Sparkle Members in a positive, inspirational way
  • Participate in Sparkle Academies and other events to learn the right skills and mindset to develop your business, and help others do the same
  • Enjoy the chance to work closely with family, friends and loved ones in a self-fulfilling opportunity
  • Develop new friendships with other like-minded individuals

With our innovative business model and effective products everyone wants and needs, our opportunity is naturally being embraced by anyone who experiences it. We are well-positioned to reach the masses. However, the number of Members we have is not as important as how many people we make a positive impact on. In Club Sparkle, our focus is having the most successful Members, rather than having the most Members.

Becoming a Sparkle Member is simple. The first thing you need is an existing Club Sparkle Member to refer you. Then, place your first product order with a minimal Membership Fee that gives you an exclusive Sparkle ID# and online eOflce to track your business 24 hours a day.

You can simply register through our fast and convenient “Join the Club” button on our website or contact the Club Sparkle Support Center for any inquiries. Once you get started, your Referrer will be responsible for guiding you through your new Sparkle journey, but we are also here to help you every step of the way.

Sparkle Members can refer people in countries that we are already established in. If Sparkle Members want to share products in countries that we are not yet established in, they must personally send products to those countries. Club Sparkle will consider expansion into countries that express the most interest and demonstrate potential.

Club Sparkle is established in Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, USA and the Philippines.

From our perspective, we have no competition. Club Sparkle has established a new kind of business model and is setting new trends for other companies to follow. Just as our Founders were the first in the Direct Sales Industry to bring the Binary pay plan structure to Japan in the 1980’s, and the first to create Matching Bonuses, they continue to set new trends. The latest trend through Club Sparkle is DCM (Direct Connect Marketing).

Most Direct Sales companies catering to networkers and the network marketing circle. Unfortunately, not only does a small percentage of the population in each country participate but they are actually being recycled from one company to the next. Through DCM, we focus a small percentage on networkers and place 90% of our focus on average people and consumers, which is a much bigger market. Our business model encourages a true mobile business opportunity – one that is convenient, lucrative and does not require the stockpiling of a large inventory. Our Members have the benefits of affordable business expenses and reasonable maintenance requirements.

Co-Founder, Anthony Diaz, brought the first Binary pay plan to Japan, which quickly spread across Asia and the world. Soon after, he created the Matching Bonus concept and other hybrid pay plan trends that have positively impacted the Network Marketing Industry and are still being used today.

Anthony’s latest creation is a profit sharing structure unlike any other, in which the Company sets aside 55% of its sales for Members to participate in as they contribute to the growth of the Company. This has made an impact on thousands of people in Japan with many experiencing personal monthly incomes that exceed the average annual income.

Yes, Members can sell products on Amazon but the prices must not be sold for less than the Company’s Member Price. and Members are also responsible for shipping products to the Customer directly.

Club Sparkle is an international company that operates in a multitude of countries. To allow our Loyalty Program to work in these countries, we all adhere to the same Point System standard detailed in our Loyalty Program.

Individuals who are interested in trying the products first before becoming a Member can do so by simply visiting our website and ordering from our unique product line as a Customer.

Access to business card templates and marketing flyers is located through your eOffice, which you have 24/7 access to through! Just log in with the information provided to you when you became a Member. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us via the link below!

Click here to opt-in to our new and exclusive Club Sparkle Text Message Alerts to ensure you never miss a beat! Alerts will include Special Campaigns, Updates, Announcements, and upcoming events.



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