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An image depicting a glass of EverYoung on the left and a glass halfway full of vitamin supplement pills. representing all of the pills you would have to take that can be replaced by EverYoung.

Club Sparkle is on top of the world for more than one reason. Be it the patented innovative Energetics Technology, or the deliciously incomparable wellness products, there is simply nothing else like Club Sparkle on the market today.

Here’s why: Again and again, through scientific experiments, studies, cost analysis, innumerable testimonials, and even just simple comparisons made with actual ingredients, Club Sparkle’s all-natural approach to dietary supplements, vitamins, and minerals are always of the highest quality.

In the picture on the left, we compared what it would look like if you were to take all of the supplements available in pill form for a single day versus one delicious glass of EverYoung.

With the knowledge in mind that we need vitamins and minerals for healthy living, the question becomes simple—which would you rather take? 

EverYoung contains over thirty ingredients combined with the 72 energetic trace minerals of ION5, meticulously formulated and expertly crafted to create the preeminent formula designed to optimize your health and wellness today.

Even more importantly? EverYoung (and other Club Sparkle products) won’t just save your health; they’ll save your bank account, too.


How is the cost of Sparkle products determined?

This is a common question and one that is easily answered in one word—quality.

Recently, President and Founder Lani Dizon stated:

With Nectura, we combine only the most powerful extracts—not juices—but extracts, altogether, in one.

While the question that prompted this response was about Nectura, the same is true of all Club Sparkle products. Quality assurance is of the highest importance when it comes to the creation of Club Sparkle products, and to produce the highest quality products requires a greater cost to manufacture and produce.

Still, another question still immediately comes to mind: Why shouldn’t I go buy another health or wellness product? While you could find all of the ingredients that Club Sparkle products are made with, it would be difficult and far more costly.

We have created a few resources to show the cost analysis and comparison with other products available on the market when we could find them.

In short, here is how they stack up:

EverYoung ($85 at non-VIP price) vs. $421.72 (just 27 of EverYoung’s ingredients)

ION5 ($85 at non-VIP price) vs. $230.69 (just 16 of its 72 energetic trace minerals)

Nectura ($90 at non-VIP price) vs. $547.25 (just 31 of Nectura’s 120 ingredients)

Download the full PDF and Spreadsheet below to see the difference.


Meet Monej Cruz, a Sparkle VIP who recently sat down with us to share her Sparkle success story!

Witness the mineral power of ION5 in this video!

Meet our testimonials with this video on YouTube!

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