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ION5 pH Balance Test

ION5 contains a natural concentrated blend of over 72 essential minerals, supercharged with our exclusive Energetics Technology—a subtle energy force that works on the same energetic principle as acupuncture and “ki,” which influences the body on all levels—mental, psychological, and physiological.

ION is naturally in a liquid ionic form that the body recognizes and absorbs immediately. The minerals are microscopic in size so they easily pass through the cell wall.

Only minerals that can be broken down into the body’s natural ionic form can be absorbed by the body. If the body cannot absorb the minerals, they pass through the body unassimilated, making them useless.

So—how exactly does ION5 achieve these results? Mainly because of what ION5 can do for your pH balance.

As Nicoli explains in the video, a healthy pH is essential to healthy living, and we use a simple pH balance test as one way of showing ION5’s mineral power. Check out the video to see ION5 turn acidic liquids alkaline!

ION5 Light Test

While there are many claims to what minerals can and cannot do for your health, the only way we will really know what these minerals are capable of is if we test them; we decided to do just that.

Light up your Life with ION5 is a video available now on our YouTube channel (Club Sparkle USA) that demonstrates the mineral power of ION5 when tested against other mineral supplements.

To test this, we used a simple light kit test with an open circuit to see how different mineral supplements react when the circuit is closed.

Once an open electrical circuit is closed, the light bulb will illuminate brightly if whatever is closing the circuit is a good conductor of electricity. If you were to close the circuit with a metal or some other mineral, such as Nicoli demonstrates with a penny in the video, we see that the light bulb shines its brightest—but happens when we try this with minerals that are supposed to be good for us?

First, Nicoli dissolves a chelated mineral supplement in pill form into water and the light kit quickly showed that the mineral didn’t even illuminate. Then Nicoli tested a liquid Colloidal mineral in water, and found that while the mineral did illuminate, it was only a minute difference from the others and mediocre at best. When Nicoli tested a couple of drops of ION5, the bulb immediately illumed brighter than any other mineral supplement or mineral-rich food tested during the presentation.

This is because ION5’s minerals are microscopic in their natural liquid ionic form, making them readily absorbed by the human body.

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Watch Reiko Okada, a Japanese Sparkle Leader, demonstrate ION5’s ability to bring pH balance to acidic liquids. Similar to Nicoli’s pH balance test from the Sparkle MeetUp, Reiko tests the acidity of soy sauce and shows how ION5 can restore pH balance to it.

Let ION5 restore your life with 72 energetic trace minerals; just as nature intended! In this video, you’ll learn more about ION5’s ability to bring balance to your life and restore your pH, and why ION5 has become so crucial to everyday life.

Watch Dr. David Stella explain the importance of ION5 to health and wellness, and why he believes that becoming more alkaline is one of the most important health moves you can make in your life.

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