Dr. Chantel Tremitiere

Meet Dr. Chantel Tremitiere, WNBA star and Club Sparkle Brand Ambassador!

Read her story below and make sure to check out her YouTube videos on Club Sparkle USA!

A New Normal with Dr. Chantel Tremitiere

You can watch Chantel’s testimonial videos, along with dozens of other videos on our YouTube channel, Club Sparkle USA! 

From our video Chantel’s New Normal – A Life with No Limits!:

“I found a lump and it turned out to be thyroid cancer. They say that thyroid cancer is the easiest cancer to have, I don’t know that any cancer is easy to have, but thyroid cancer, though I beat it, it’s one of the toughest afterwards, because I don’t have a thyroid. It’s almost like driving a car and your gas needle is broken, you never know how much gas you have, and when you run out, it doesn’t matter where you are, you’re stuck. So I never know how much energy I have and it was one of the worst moments in my life when I found out that I had it. I couldn’t reach across to get a remote control and now a few years later, I’m out on the golf course, with the energy of a twenty-seven-year-old. There’s only one reason for that: EverYoung, and other Club Sparkle products. I can never explain to you how hard it is to live and you don’t know your metabolism. It’s the worst feeling in the world. And I can only say that if it weren’t for these products, I probably wouldn’t be here.”

Auntie Chantel's Weight-Loss Journey

You can watch Chantel’s testimonial videos, along with dozens of other videos on our YouTube channel, Club Sparkle USA! 

But Autnie Chantel can  tell you her story better than we can!

From Auntie Chantel’s Weight-Loss Journey:

“I was a basketball player my whole life. I was an athlete my whole life. Basketball, football with my brothers, volleyball, track, and so I was always in shape. Then I got to the WNBA, and actually led the WNBA in minutes played. I could run like an Energizer bunny.

And then cancer hit me. And with thyroid cancer, one of the worst things is that it attacks your metabolism. And so as my metabolism was slowing down, obviously, I started to gain weight. At first it wasn’t a big deal, but then, it wouldn’t matter what I ate. If I ate salad, or chicken, or fish, I gained weight, and it started messing with my psyche, not just my body, but with my mind emotionally. And it was tough for me.

Then I started taking the products. I needed something to give me energy. I needed something to boost my metabolism, as they were trying to regulate my thyroid medicine, now without a thyroid. So they finally got it regulated, but I was still in that position where I said those three words, the three most dangerous words anyone can ever say: I don’t care.

I don’t care. I got to the point where I didn’t care how much I weighed. I wanted to eat however much I wanted, I wanted to just lay around the house. On October 24th, I got on the scale and for the first time in my life, that first number was a two. Worst day of my life. I cried, but I said, you know what, I got to get myself together. I knew I had these amazing products, so I had to start taking them again, because I got off them for a little bit. And I started taking them. Got on Keto. Next thing you knew, I started dropping the weight.

I started being able to run instead of walk. I started getting on a bike, going two miles a day, then three, the weight started coming off. And I stand before you on this day, in front of the Venetian, in Vegas, and tell you I’ve lost fifty pounds, fifty pounds, because I have been taking these products, not that they’re weight loss products or anything like that, they helped me boost my metabolism again.

Usually on a Keto diet, you can only have twenty grams of carbs, and with the ION5, the EverYoung, and the Nectura, that’s about eighteen carbs right there. So they asked me how that worked. That worked great. I took some EverYoung, I took two scoops of EverYoung in the morning, with about fifteen drops of ION5, and some Nectura, about a tablespoon, and sometimes, I fasted accidentally. For those of you who fast intermittently, I think this would a great product for you.

The best thing I do before I go on bike rides, is I put about twenty or twenty-five drops of ION5 in my water. And it just makes for an amazing ride. And with the EverYoung I can clear my mind, and also with the ride it gets those endorphins moving in my body. It’s just enabled me to lose weight fast, like I said, fifty pounds. Now the hard part starts, this is when you’ve got to keep it off. And this is when you have to be even more mentally strong. And that’s what I plan to do. But these products keep you mentally strong.

One thing I also wanted to do with my Keto, is incorporate the products into my recipes, so with the fish, you know, I put ION5 and I use the EverYoung as my lemon. Every single one of my Keto recipes, I find some way to put these products in. Not just cause they taste good, but because they are good for me.

I encourage y’all to get on the website, you can contact Club Sparkle, they can give you some of my recipes, but more importantly, we have a Chef! Chef Wai is one of the best chefs in Las Vegas, that provides our VIPs with recipes, with the Club Sparkle products in it. One of the best chefs in the world. You got some of the best recipes in the world and you got some of the best products in the world, what better can you ask?

That right there is Life with No Limits!”

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Chef Wai Aung (Executive Chef)

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