Alice Smith

Alice Smith's Life Changing Club Sparkle Testimonial

Watch Alice’s video, along with dozens of others, on our YouTube channel at Club Sparkle USA!

Alice Smith has been a Club Sparkle VIP since 2018 and has found amazing health benefits by taking Nectura daily! Read more of her story below!

From our video Alice Smith’s Life Changing Sparkle Testimonial:

“My name is Alice Smith. I was introduced to Club Sparkle at Tahiti Village. Michelle [Lindsey] and Dean [Hymel] were there. I have gone there with my husband. We loved the products immediately, they let us taste it.

We joined the same day, and we have been using the products since 2018.

We are into the natural products, and we saw that this product had a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I stopped taking my other vitamins, and I have continued to taking the Nectura and the EverYoung.

One of the things that I see, and that has happened to me is since I was a child, I have always been allergic to different things. I used to get up in the morning, my eyes were swollen, I would have a lot of welts all over my body, especially my arms, my shoulders, many times I would wake up and have a big lump on my head, it was from the allergies, and I was miserable.

So I think these products have made a difference in my quality of life. Joe kept saying to me, ‘you don’t have the allergies anymore,’ and it was really bad, because my allergies were every day. Every day I had allergies. The different things that I cook with, because I like it, or different things in the environment, and I see a big difference.

Nectura is my favorite product, I love the taste, I love to mix it with my drinks in the morning, I told my daughter that this is my treat in the morning.

Germanium, I think that ingredient is amazing, and I think it makes a big difference. I can feel it. As a matter of fact, right now I don’t have the Nectura, and I can see the difference.

I want people to try it, I want people to see the difference it can make in their life, one way or another. I don’t believe in a lot of pharmaceuticals because there is always a second effect from the pharmaceuticals and I don’t see that with these products, I see that the more you take, the better you feel. And one of the things that I feel very big about it, is that I haven’t been sick, and I have been around people [who were] sick, and Joe has been around people [who were] sick, especially when you see the way people were in the doctor’s office, and I go wow, this has made a difference. And even the doctors are impressed. The doctors said, ‘whatever you’re doing, continue doing it!’

We are the hopefully the answer to a lot of medical problems that you can fix with natural products.”

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