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Gina Pero - Begin Embracing You

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From our video, Gina Pero – Begin Embracing You:

“Hi, my name is Gina Pero, I’m a transformational speaker, travelling to thirty or forty cities a year, and a Master Certified Coach through the ICF. I was introduced to the ION5 through Dr. Stella, whose also my lover and soul partner, and in travelling and in being a high achiever, and wanting to be the best version of myself, he actually introduced me in a way that was quite fun actually.

I love the ION5, I have a big water bottle that I used every morning. And I end up putting about five to seven drops in my water bottle and that’s what I end up carrying throughout the day. For all of you high achievers out there, people who want to just feel healthy and not take anything off your plate, I’m talking to you. I love what I do, I love speaking for hours upon hours a day, I love coaching, I love seeing people reach their dreams, I love transformation and the only way I am going to keep doing that, is if my body comes first and my health comes first and my mind comes first, and I want to feel good at the end of the day. So after several seminars a day, traveling for four days and coming home, I want to come home and be in a good mood. I want to come home and feel good, I want to come home and be in my joy and being in joy is being in your body’s joy and health.

So, I love my minerals now.

What I wish is that you want to live a happy and fulfilling life, you want to be the change in your body’s health because when you are that change, you get to be with your loved ones more, and I know meeting David and finding a soul partner in my life and his children, I have so many students that I love. If I’m not healthy, they suffer.

So for any of you out there, it matters, So the whole “put your oxygen mask on the airplane first thing on the airplane, it matters.

And just to share one final message that we always say: In healing ourselves and in raising our own vibrations, we heal the planet.”

Learn more about Gina’s extrodinary life and journey on her website:

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