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Introducing ION5: Your Source of Energetic Trace Minerals  

ION5 is the mineral miracle that will brighten your day in just ten drops. A Club Sparkle proprietary blend, ION5 contains seventy-two essential and trace minerals designed to energize your life, your way, every day.  

In a world where mineral depletion and micronutrient deficiency are on the rise, ION5 is a multi-functional mineral supplement that will provide you with the minerals you need to thrive. With endless ways to implement ION5 into your daily food intake, let the 5th generation mineral strengthen your immune system and help you to Look Great, Feel Great, and Be Great! 

All you need to do is add ten drops of ION5 to a glass of water four times a day to defend yourself against micronutrient deficiency!  

The Problem: Micronutrient Deficiency 

Have you felt tired, exhausted or just plain burnt out from everyday life? Has a lack of energy disrupted your plans, goals, or aspirations? What about stress or depression inexplicably striking without cause or reason? These are only a few of the symptoms someone suffering from a vitamin and mineral deficiency could be dealing with at any given time.  

Vitamins and minerals are essential to your body’s functions in more ways than one, but in the age of COVID-19, it is safe to say that the function people should be most concerned with is their immune system.  

Your immune system is your body’s primary self-defense mechanism against pathogens that will inevitably cause disease. With a weakened immune system, your body is at risk and highly susceptible to developing any number of illnesses and diseases, including pneumonia, meningitis, bronchitis, skin infections, autoimmune disorders, inflammation, anemia, and digestive issues 

Why are supplements for strengthening your immune system becoming so important? As stated in our ION5 product information video, “…over 90% of all body functions require minerals. Proper mineral balance is vital for good health, but the body cannot create its own minerals, it can only obtain them through food or supplementation … there has been an ongoing epidemic of mineral depletion in the soils, fruits and vegetables for decades.”  

Micronutrient deficiency is likely created by this mineral depletion of the Earth’s soil, which is itself likely the reason why we are seeing such a massive increase in demand for vitamin and mineral supplements 

Did you know that in 2006 the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that two billion people across the globe suffered from micronutrient deficiencies?  

It gets worse. In a recent 2018 article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)experts reported that this number has not stagnated, but instead has increased in populations across the United States as the general consumption of mineral-based supplements has decreased to as low as 31% by year end (NCBI) 

Let’s put this in perspective: According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC)obesity in the United States has risen to 42.8% of the adult population, with the rate of morbid obesity rising from 4.7% to 9.2%. While this is a massive issue, imagine if a quarter of the world’s population was suffering from a major health risk. That’s 2,000,000,000 people currently living with a micronutrient deficiency by the WHO’s estimate 

Mineral deficiency is problematic for many reasons, first and foremost of which is the significant role that minerals play in our health and overall well-being. Another article by the NCBI states that a mineral deficiency can lead to any number of issues, with the most prominent being a significantly weaker immune system.  

In short, mineral deficiency can lead to a weaker immune system which will in turn lead to an increase in disease across the world 

What difference does this make in your daily life?  

Minerals: Why are they important? 

Minerals are divided into two groups: essential minerals and trace minerals. Essential minerals are minerals required by humans in higher doses, whereas trace minerals are only required in minute amounts.  

You’ve heard of these before, and have likely seen them listed in the ingredients of many of your favorite foods. Calcium, sodium, potassium, and zinc, among many others, are all examples of minerals that are commonly found in our daily foods 

But as stated in an article published by Harvard Medical School, your daily food intake may not be a significant enough source of these essential minerals, and that mineral supplements can be a good source for people lacking their essential daily intake of both essential and trace minerals 

What the Harvard Medical School is reporting makes senseespecially when considering the statistics reported by the WHO and the NCBI.  

So … What do you do to protect yourself? 

Minerals are essential to your health, so it would make sense to find a consistent source of vitamins and minerals to add to your daily diet.   

Supplements can be a great way to help you build up your immune system to ward against illness and build your resistance to sickness.  

The next question is a logical one: Which supplement is the right one for you? 

This presents the next problem: With so many items available on the market today, where should you begin?  

The Solution: ION5 

When considering vitamin and mineral supplements, look no further than one of our most versatile Sparkle products: ION5.  

ION5 is a safe, pure, and effective blend of 72 essential and trace minerals to both energize your life and provide you with all of the minerals that may be missing from your daily food intake.  

ION5 not only supercharges your mineral intake to protect your immune system, but provides you with numerous health benefits, including:  

  • Balances your pH levels  
  • Wards against excessive acidity  
  • Assists the functions of many systems within your body, including:   
  • The Digestive System  
  • The Circulatory System 
  • The Immune System 
  • The Respiratory System  
  • The Skeletal System 
  • The Integumentary System  
  • The Nervous System  
  • The Excretory System  
  • The Muscular System  
  • The Reproductive System  


Earlier I mentioned ION5’s blend of 72 essential and trace minerals, and one of the most important minerals is Selenium.  

Selenium is vital to our metabolism and thyroid function. More importantly, it helps protect the body from damage done by oxidative stress and free radicals. Selenium is purported to be capable of reducing heart disease risk, and even slow the onset of dementia and other mental degenerative diseases as we age (this link goes to an article by Healthline regarding the health benefits of Selenium).  

Selenium, with all of its health benefits, is a key ingredient in ION5.  

There are many ways to incorporate ION5 into your daily routine. While we recommend taking ten drops of ION5 in a glass of water four times a day, there are many creative ways we have seen people use ION5.  

Mixing ten drops of ION5 with two scoops of EverYoung and a tablespoon of Nectura in a tall glass of water is a personal favorite of our VIPs, but you can also add drops of ION5 into favorite recipes or rub a few droplets on your face for healthier, smoother skin! 

Check out the YouTube video below for more incredible ways to utilize ION5: 

How to Use ION5


One of the most important functions of ION5 is to boost your immune system by providing you with the essential minerals you require to thrive in your daily lifeIn these trying times and with the pandemic raging, a boost to your immune system is one of the best ways to protect yourself from many illnesses that can lead to infections and diseases.  

And with mineral deficiency on the rise, allow ION5 to be the solution for you!  


Light up your Life with ION5

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