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We had the chance to speak with Vivian Villiatora of Vills Bros Society about how important vitamin supplements are to martial artists, and why Club Sparkle is the choice for them!

Check out what Vivian had to say about Sparkle below, and make sure to watch the Vills Bros. Sparkle Testimonial!

From Vills Bros. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Sparkle Testimonial:

“My name is Vivian Villiatora, I am the V.P. for V Bros LLC. We are located at 8360 North Decatur Boulevard Suite 106 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Being athletes and training all the time, we need to find something that’s quick, we use a lot of supplements, so as far as the ingredients go, they are natural, they provide health, they have energy in it, they provide balance, which is all basically what the jiu-jitsu lifestyle is, so that’s really what brought us into the product.

Everyone knows that [supplements] are like horse pills, that’s what kind of deters me from taking regular vitamins, because I don’t like to swallow that big, and so I really like that it’s just a one-shot, smooth, not a lot, because I am not a big drinker either, and it goes smooth, so orally, it’s pleasing.

There’s a lot of companies out there that promote supplements, and obviously they’re not FDA approved, this was more natural and it has a lot of the ingredients all in one. And it’s a very small shot, like I said for those that aren’t big drinkers, can’t take a whole gallon on the go, don’t want to take pills, so that’s what draws me more to this product, and two, it’s not just the health side of it, it’s more about balance and energy, so that is what I would recommend over other products.

We’ve talked with our members mostly about it, because a lot of them want to try nutritional items, and since I am also a nurse on the side, they like to get some dietary advice about which one is good and which one to take. My main reason, my target market and audience is a lot of the kids too, because kids can’t swallow pills, gummy bears they’ll eat a whole bunch, which is not good either, so it’s more dosing-wise, and like I said, it’s quick, it’s a one-shot drink, and that’s what makes it easy to all of the members.

Stay active, do jiu-jitsu, but at the same time take your supplements, necessary vitamins, organic, everything organic, natural, keep that ION5 for the balance, keep your EverYoung because everyone needs the energy, you don’t have to get those Vitamin B12 shots in your arm, if you’re scared of needles, take the EverYoung.

If you want to learn more about Vills Bros Society, head over to their website:

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