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Whether you’re embarking on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle, working towards unleashing your life’s full potential, or attaining financial independence through self-development, the Sparkle Community is comprised of like-minded individuals that will be there to support and motivate you every step of the way! Club Sparkle is here to provide you with proven financial opportunities and the right community to accompany you on your journey to achieving a Life with No Limits!✨ Club Sparkle was created for distributors BY DISTRIBUTORS! Our Mission is to bring fun, health, beauty, happiness, adventure and Sparkle back into people’s lives by incorporating a new revolutionary concept, called Direct Connect Marketing (DCM), which combines the best aspects of Affiliate Marketing, Direct Selling with Social Networking all attached to a very generous Profit-Sharing Program that gives 55% of the Company Sales back to our VIPs who simply SHARE the Gift of Sparkle!

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